Oga's Cantina, DDP QS credit or not?

I’m not getting the DDP but a friend I’m helping book is - does Oga’s take the DDP or not?? I thought I saw on the booking page not accepted but then read somewhere it did? I don’t know why it wouldn’t but not 100% sure if it doesn’t qualify b/c it’s new/ SWGE etc…

At the moment it doesn’t actually have food, except I think for breakfast - maybe oatmeal (I assume that’s porridge).

So at best I would assume it’s snack credits only, for the oatmeal and speciality drinks.

I’m on the page now looking for reservations and it says that Dining Plans are not accepted.


Oh you’re right, haha! Ok no wonder…

It also says no reservations accepted at Olga’s ATM - which we know isn’t true anymore. Maybe they’ll be updating before 8/29/19?