Oga's Cantina at WDW to be added to Touring Plans reservation finder?

Just curious what folks think about this. Maybe not because it is really a bar and not a restaurant?

i hope it gets added

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It sounds like everyone was blindsided by the announcement today, but I’m guessing we’ll see it there soon.

Mousedining has it listed.


It’s on the TP reservation finder now.

Do we think you’ll always need a reservation for this or just in the opening months? Seems weird to make reservations for a bar? Grabbing a drink is one thing I like to do on a whim when I feel like it.

Given how small it is, and that the TS restaurant isn’t built yet (I’m quite sure it will be added), and how iconic the concept of a Cantina is in Star Wars movies, then yes!

Its there and already worked for me getting a table!

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I just booked dinner-ish on Sat 9/7. Availability that wasn’t there last night is showing up.