Oga's Cantina Adds Rancor Beer Flight and

It’s $10 more in WDW than DL. So, that’s another thing I’m knocking off my budget due to the disparity between the 2 parks.

Their money grab in WDW has caused me to cut 3 lightsaber builds ($200+ because they were going to buy special crystals), one droid {$100+ because I wanted the personality chip and backpack), 4 drinks at Oga’s ($60 or so), and one Rancor Flight ($75 which was what I had budgeted). I’m also skipping trying out the food at Ronto Roasters and the Blue and Green Milk.

Will I spend all that elsewhere in WDW? Nope. DH took his money that was going to the lightsaber and chose video games instead and the kiddos are also doing something non-Disney with thier money. My droid money is going to a Dooney & Bourke Passholder bag. Drink money and Rancor money will not be spent elsewhere at Disney. Nor will Blue or Green Milk money.

So they lost $850+ from us.


I guess they are getting it back from me :wink: Or at least some of it. I hadn’t planned to spend a ton at SWGE, but now we’re doing Savi’s for DH’s bday, Oga’s, and will definitely eat at Docking Bay. I’m guessing there will be some pretty sweet merchandise for sale too, calling our names, or at least DH’s.


Oh, I’m sure some will still buy! We’re still going, and we will love it…but I’ve trimmed the budget.


I completely understand. I never intended to get a lightsaber or droid at those crazy prices. I’m still upset about there not being a viewing area for people not building lightsabers to see the show. (I watched it on YouTube. However, it would still be nice to see in person, without making a purchase, like I have with Ollivanders at WWOHP)


That would be really cool to just be able to see it. It also might encourage more buyers.

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yikes! where did you find the prices for the rancor beer flight?

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I wonder why the prices are different between the 2 theme parks. If I am not mistaken I think all the drinks and food items are a 1.00 more in WDW than DL can not remember for sure what I paid at DL. I love the theming of SWGE but it needs more in my opinion after you build the sabers, droids and ride SR (which is just an okay ride unless you are the pilot) there is not mush to do except shop and I do not need anymore stuff in my house hahaha It is super expensive, 3 of us did Oga’s it was almost 70.00 including tip for 3 so-so drinks and no food. We ate breakfast at Rondo’s Roaster 2 breakfast wraps, 1 overnight oats and 2 beverages and it was around 60.00. It will be interesting to see what the average fans think after it opens on the 29th.

I don’t understand the motivation for the price difference unless it is to recoup some of the expected guests that didn’t materialize this summer at DL.

There are a lot of missteps with GE, I think. From opening with only the MF:SR, to MF: SR being a sub par ride, to choice of setting for the land, to pricing. They also didn’t come through with the promised “immersion” that was supposed to occur. I’m becoming less and less enthused.

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I thought I was the only one that wasn’t impressed. Since the crowds were low at DL and we live a couple hours away. We decided to see GE at DL that way depending on the crowd level we could skip it during our WDW trip if necessary. I agree with you on the immersion, the day we were at DL GE did not deliver for me. I saw only 2 storm troopers, they were entertaining but not around very long. No interaction with any other characters didn’t even see any in the land. Oga’s is cool but there is no food and the drinks are expensive…seen it, so really no reason for me to go again. Although, Disney did a great job with the theme and I enjoyed seeing GE without great rides there is no reason to fight the crowds to see it again. Hopefully, ROR will be a hit because most people will only be building a saber & droid once.

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Star Wars Galaxy’s Mall-I’ll walk through in December but that’s only to see the MF and get a picture. I’m so disappointed in GE. The GE hotel price rumors are insane…

lifewithjayne-I had a 2 jedi lightsaber builds, 3 droid builds, and an Oga’s. I’ve watched live streams from both parks now and several videos on “the youtube” and I’ve since cancelled.

And every time I hear a streamer or youtube video describe the land as “immersive” my ears bleed a little …

In my opinion they should have “married” original Star Wars with the new. I think if half the land was based on old Star Wars then crowds (after the initial rush) would be much higher. I think we’ll some additions to GE sooner than expected.