Ogas after close?

So I tried to book an ADR at Ogas and I got one at 9:45 pm… but the park closes at 9!! How can this be?
Can I actually stay longer than park closing??


“Park close” is when they stop letting guest through the tapstiles and into queues for attractions. Those already in queues, still finish the attraction, and along with anyone else staying in a park, they shop, eat, and drink(anything that cost money). CMs don’t start shutting down revenue streams, and shooing guests out, until the longest queue is nearly done.


That is awesome!!
We did this a few weeks ago and it was amazing. We did check in around 9:20 and were seated quickly. We stayed until 10:30 and we were the last ones to leave Ogas. We then walked around an empty park and took photos. We actually ended up being the last people to leave HS that night. It was perfect. So enjoy!!


Sounds like a great idea… although I’d rather see Fantasmic! return and close out the night there