Oga's 1/7 at 7:50pm, 1/8 at 10:55am to offer

I had the res finder set up to watch for a nighttime Oga’s (vs the daytime one I have now on 1/8). But after I set it up I scored a Space220 on 1/7 and a better CdF dinner time res, which has really solidified that I will do Epcot on 1/7 and HS on 1/8 - as this will afford us the opportunity to do all three of those things vs just the one thing.

So I have an Oga’s to offer up to whoever might want to coordinate with me. 1/7/22 at 750pm. LMK if you’re interested. Otherwise I will release into the wild this weekend.

And thanks to res finder getting me a better time for 1/8, I now also have a 1/8 at 1055am to offer.



Cancelling these tomorrow morning! If there’s anyone here who needs or wants them, let me know soon!