Oga’s Cantina Dinner

I just did my dining reservations for our trip mid June and when I went to make reservations for Oga’s, I noticed that starting June 5 dinner is only available until 7pm. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is a change or at a later date the time will extend out to 10pm? Looking to get a reservation for at or after park close. I appreciate any and all help.

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Set up a reservation finder. Most likely more reservations will be added as hours are extended.


Just to be sure that you know, there is very limited food at Oga’s. It’s really a place to drink and not to eat.


Yeah, after I posted I realized I probably should have put title as Oga’s reservations instead of dinner :man_facepalming:. Sometimes I post too quickly. We have been there before, but wanted to get the late reservation. I do appreciate the response.

I have an 8:10 Oga’s reservation for May 11. So maybe the park is closing early on that date or there are just none available. I was up at 5:55 and I got a 9:30 am (now thankfully moved to 11 a.m.) and the 8:10 pm. I’m not sure yet if we’re going to rope drop or stay late so I will cancel one when we know.

Blemon, I would love to coordinate that drop with you if you are willing. We will be there May 11 too and the Ogas ADR we got for that day is going to be very tight with our Droid depot reservation.

Ok, we are just waiting to see if they are bringing back the fireworks. If they do, we will drop the earlier one and keep the 8:10. Does this forum have a PM feature?