Offsite - When to arrive to park?

We’ll be staying at Windsor Hills 10/21-26. When should we target arriving at the parking gates for each park? With the parking lots opening later, will we inevitably be behind the crowds? Going in with no expectations, but still want to do what I can to maximize our time. Thanks in advance!

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“Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios seem to try to start allowing guests into the park 50 minutes early. EPCOT and the Animal Kingdom are allowing guests in 30 minutes early. What attractions are open early is a bit random. All rides have safety checks that they have to clear in the morning. The most popular attractions will be open when guests are allowed into the park if possible.”

Factor in however long it takes to park and get through security. Not sure of the exact time that they open the parking lots.


Great, thank you!

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Sure. Also, check the blog comments at the bottom. They have some specific arrival time info from visitors.