Offsite Tickets?

I apologize if this has been asked, and I’m sure it has, but I cannot find it.

We are staying offsite at a DS hotel. We do get to go to EMH and I got to make FP+ at 60 days, but I have no idea what I am expecting in the way of tickets.

The first time we went, they were paper tickets, the last time we stayed onsite and got MagicBands (I know I can use these, but the problem is I can’t find them, lol).

So, do we get paper tickets? Or any tickets? Or are they just virtual tickets linked on MDE? If they are physical tickets, at what point are they mailed out? It’s been a week and I haven’t gotten any kind of shipping confirmation.

Thanks for any info!

Just an fyi -
You can buy Magic Bands if you’d still like them, and then link them to your tickets / mde account.

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It is possible to get digital only tickets (I’m pretty sure), where you just get the ticket# to enter into MDE. In that case, I think you would need to buy Magic Bands. They can be bought online from the Disney Store.

When I have bought them through 3rd party sellers, I have had the actual ticket cards (plastic card with RFID like a credit card with tap-to-pay). This can also be linked to MDE for booking FPP, etc, but it also acts as your ticket to get in the park and tap in to FPP. You would use it just like a magic band.

Edit: Did you buy tickets as part of a package? Buy direct through Disney?

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We are staying at the Hilton at Bonnet Creek, one with Disney perks. I linked the hotel reservation into MDE.

I bought park tickets from Undercover Tourist. They are linked to our Magic Band on MDE. I printed a copy of the electronic ticket to bring with us.


I bought them directly thought Disney’s site with a Chase Disney rewards card.

There was no electronic ticket to print. I thought about buying magic bands but I don’t think it’s worth $30 just for entry and FP+.

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I do have my tickets linked on MDE, but didn’t know if i should expect physical tickets as well. When I checked out it said something about US mail, but I’ve heard nothing since.

You must have some sort of receipt from Disney. Tickets are linked. Sounds like you already got to make FPP at 60 days.

My 60 day doesn’t open for another 20 days. I have the old anytime tickets. Right now, I can only book FPP 30 days out. Other people have said that at 60 days, when it lines up with my hotel reservations, it will magically allow me to make my FPP.

Call Disney to feel more assured.

Do you have an email from Disney confirming your tickets?

Take that plus photo ID for each adult to a Guest Services and they will give you a platstic RFID card. There’s a Guest Services at DS and each park entrance, including the IG at Epcot.


Yes, I have an email.

Thanks. I was unsure since it said my delivery was US mail. I assumed they shipped something out, just like they would a magic band.

Well, I found out today when the RFID tickets arrived in the mail!

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