Offsite resort suggestions

Hi! I just converted to an AP. We are thinking of coming back in early December. Right now Cabana Bay (where we currently are) is charging $149 per night for a suite. I’m hoping for a special as we get closer, but am looking at other alternatives. Are there any offsite resorts near the parks that you lived? Somewhere with a good pool. Thanks!!

I’ve stayed at one of there “Partner” hotels. I wouldn’t call it a “resort”. However, it was a very nice, clean, quiet hotel with friendly staff. Because it is a partner hotel you do get Early Admission, but not Express pass.

It was down the street. You couldn’t walk it, but they have shuttles. I had a rental car. Oh! They have free parking - something you don’t get at a USF resort.

Fairfield Inn & Suites
5614 Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32819

I booked it through Universal to get a buy 2 nights get 3 free package.

APH rates are out through some time mid December.

Change your dates and number of people for what you need.

I put my dates in and it went to $142 per night. I even tried the week before and got the same. I don’t really understand how this AP hotel thing works.

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When you have an annual pass, you can get a discount on hotel rooms. Currently the APH seems to be going until about December 19 2019 for most rooms.

For example,
With the APH, from December 1-5 a room for 2 adults and 3 children at Loews Portofino Bay will cost $985 for the entire stay. Without the annual pass, the same visit would cost $1220 for those same four days.
At Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a family suite with exterior entry and no poolside view costs $445 for the four nights. The same visit without the annual pass discount would cost $716.

Thanks!! Do I have to call?? I’m having trouble getting those kind of rates on the website.