Offsite hotel with reliable park shuttle

Anyone have a recommendation for an offsite hotel with free or small fee park shuttle service? I’m looking at going to WDW Labor day weekend with my adult DD. Rental car rates are astronomical (over $100 a day for economy vehicle), so I’m trying to decide if staying onsite is worth it just for DME and onsite transportation, which I don’t really like (waited 40 min this month for a bus back to BCV from MK with only 15 people in line—bus only every 20-30 minutes and barely didn’t make the cut for 1st bus), given no other perks. I’m comparing to staying offsite and using Lyft/Uber, but if any near hotels have free (or small fee) park shuttle service I’d like to know more. If you know the schedule (will it get you there by RD), how often, and where (some only go to TCC, but I’d like to all parks). I’d appreciate the info

Shades of green… you have to be DoD or be accompanied by someone that is DoD. What about swan dolphin?

Do not rely on Uber/Lyft to get you around if you stay off-site. Many liners that have recently been have had serious struggle getting rides. There’s a shortage. And that’s also driving prices up.

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No DoD or military in family. Looking at Swan/Dolphin, but trying to keep it closer to $100/night versus $200 or more.

I was wondering about Lyft/Uber reliability. As I’ve been looking at places, a lot who advertise park shuttles, don’t offer them right now. This makes everything so hard. That’s why I’m asking here, if anyone has recent knowledge.

You should look into @JJT 's hotwire thread. You might be able to snag onsite or Swan Dolphin reasonably cheap.

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So this may be a little unorthodox and somewhat time consuming, but I often stay at hotels along Palm Parkway and take the Orlando Lynx bus to and from the TTC. From there you can walk to Poly and use their buses to other parks. It can make for a very cheap trip, but time is money too so gotta weigh the options.

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So I’m staying at a DS hotel. Plan to use rideshare for rope drop, booking night before. Then shuttles home in evening. Don’t know that I would trust a shuttle for morning transport.

ETA - if shuttle is not running due to Covid, I’m hoping to take a DS bus and then walk over.