Official Ticket Center overcharged

Not officially Disneyworld related. We purchased a child 7 day park hopper ticket through Official Ticket Center, I used the link from Touring Plans. At checkout we had 1 ticket in our cart, viewed the total purchase price of $515.00. After I checked out, the confirmation showed 2 tickets and I was charged $1,030.00. I’m currently on hold with them and also sent them an email but I am FREAKING OUT. Has anyone had a similar issue with them and was it resolved?

I had an issue with them in 2015. It was quickly resolved as soon as I contacted them. I had purchased 3 adult and 1 child ticket and the email confirmation stated 2 adult and 1 child.

I was able to get in touch with them through their website chat and they’re going to refund my full order. That was a scary hour where I thought I was out $500! Thanks for your input, calmed me a little before I got in touch with them knowing they had resolved your issue in the past.