Offers on and Christmas

Ok, just back from our first vacation I am planning the next one for November 2018. Even DH wants to go back rather sooner than later :slight_smile:

So, a question to the people from the UK: When does usually come up with offers for the next year (free dining, gift card etc)? I am pretty sure it must be at some point now.

And when do the Christmas parties usually start? First or second week of November?

The offer was definitely available in April last year, with the offer for $200 gift card reducing to $100 from mid July. I think the free dining offer didn’t disappear until end of September. So you have plenty of time to book :slight_smile:

Will be interesting to see what the offers will be this year given the exchange rate!!

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I booked the free dining in May. Just wanna be prepared when it comes up :slight_smile:

From memory offers come out around mid to late march and then you have most of the summer to books for next year.

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Sorry - meant to also say that Christmas parties usually start around Nov 5-7.

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Uk deals normally start around the 3rd Thursday in April for the next year. I’m sure virgin released a little earlier than this though. The best deal is in the first few months then they gradually drop the gift card etc by end of summer and then reduce the offer even more by Nov.

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Seen on theDIBB (UK Disney forum) that free dining will be released on 20th April :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Disney have been keen this year!! Offer now available|BR|G|4171801.UK.AM.01.07|disney+holidays|Disney+Holiday&ppc&gclid=CPiw18ia_tICFYU4GwodDkQCwA
You also get a subscription to Disneylife this year :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting me know.

Happened to be on the page right after the offer was released.

Just book our vacation for November 2018. I am so excited.

You are literally me last year!! It will come round quickly, I’m almost at my ADR and started with countdown of over 500 days :open_mouth:

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