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And also when you want.

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On paper it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but in reality I have little desire to walk all the way around the lake for waffles. They’re not that good. And my youngest is 16 – she does not need help getting dressed. waking her up? 100% :laughing:


@Nickysyme, I just read a report of someone that just purchased more direct points from Disney. Disney matched their VGC June UY with the new purchase and let them bank their 2020 new June points this morning.

So it looks like they are selling/late rolling for current owners maybe just not new owners?


That’s good to know. They really should do it if people are buying direct points.

And you could be right. Equally it could have been that the other reports were the result of an inexperienced Guide or CM at Member Services.


FYI - I put in another offer on a SSR contract today. I’ll keep ya’ll posted when I hear back. :crossed_fingers:

As a back up, if anyone has any leads on 150-point contracts (+/- 30 points) at SSR (or possibly AKV or OKW-Extended), I may be open. (Dec - Apr use year.)


OKW extended is what you get buying direct. And the gap between direct and resale is so narrow now that it might be worth considering. SSR was similar until the price hike last week.


I just found this channel last week and this video in particular has me looking at direct vs resale totally different. I’m even looking at one hotel vs another in a whole new light. The calculation she uses really levels the playing field monetarily. From one accountant to another, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. :blush:


The DVC Store currently has a couple of SSR contracts that fit the bill. One 150 pt, another 160 pt.

Oh…it looks like DVC Resale Market also has a few 150 pt SSR contracts available.

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I think her numbers are “off”. She compared a resale contract with no 2020 points to a direct purchase as have the same amount of points? The direct contract would always have at least one year (possibly two)? I think the comparison process is good but as liners look at the comparison they should never assume direct/resale contracts have the same points. It could be as much as a three year difference?

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Yes I agree with that. When I was doing calculations I was constantly asking if the contract had current year or banked points, or even if it was stripped. I do like the methodology

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It made me also question if the resale market will continue its rapid climb in point cost. The number difference in some resorts between direct and resale (some, not all) is becoming smaller and smaller. Without any real direct benefits it does not matter but it would be interesting if Disney ever returned the benefits.

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So I put in an offer the other day and the seller didn’t respond until today (the broker did respond timely when I followed up to see what was going on), by which time another offer had been put in. Not knowing what the other offer was, I took a risk and increased my offer a bit, and won! (Sorry if that was any of you I was bidding against. :grimacing:) Turns out my second offer was just $1 higher than it needed to be to win, so that feels like a real win.

In any case, now I’m on to ROFR. I think I’m at a safe price to evade Disney this time, but we’ll see. It does pain me a bit to think that if Disney had just let my contract go last time, I would have saved (* cough *) dollars, but I guess you can’t think that way. I’ll just think about how much I’ll save in future years by having a contract that will probably keep appreciating.

Ok now to stop counting chickens and wait for Disney …


want to get around the ROFR? Have the company attach a pic of your DD2 in “pout mode” to the form.

Instant. Approval. Guaranteed.*

*not guaranteed

Good luck!


Fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Just catching up, sorry you got ROFR’d! Good luck with this one!

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The new DL tower is the only thing making me wish I had direct points…the other benefits never really worked for me.


I was listening to the monthly buy back report this morning:

With the comments about OKW direct I think if I was going to get the 150 minimum I would get two 75 point contracts to meet that and retain a higher resale potential.


That’s an interesting idea.

I am sure three 50 point contracts would be better but I don’t think I would want three closing costs.


If you are currently an owner via resale and buy a 50 or 75 point contract direct, would you be able to use those direct points at Riviera and any other new resorts coming such as DLH? Or do you have to reach the 150 point direct threshold for that?

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