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Please report back to Those Who Avoid the Dark Places.

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Congrats! That’s a super quick timeline, especially for someone not travelling until 2023 (weirdo). :joy: Definitely give SSR a try. It’s my first home resort and I’ve always enjoyed staying there and that was before these gorgeous refurbs. Welcome home!


So it’s been over two weeks and I still haven’t gotten my email from Disney with my new membership login. The email from the broker said this:

Please allow at least 14 -21 days for Member Services to complete the upload of your new points and an additional 7-10 days to load the points into the new account.

I don’t get the distinction between the first step and the second. But in any case, should I be worried that I haven’t heard from Disney yet? Is creating my account part of that 14-21 days?

My anecdotal experience is that they will prioritize accounts with active points. If yours is a stripped contract, they may take a little longer. My purchase that was fully loaded was processed much faster than the purchase that was stripped.

The first thing that happens is you get an email saying you have an account now with DVC. For my first contract that email came Th or Fr and the points were loaded Sat morning. Everything took longer for the second contract, but I didn’t have any points to use anyway, so it was okay.

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I am in the same boat…and actually I closed a couple days before you. But I read the final step can take several weeks.

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My contract is stripped so I’m not worrying yet. Thanks!

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Mine closed on July 21 and no email so far either.

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My experience was that the following happens:

  • contract closes

  • crickets for six weeks (but this was during the first months of COVID)

  • Received an email from Member Administration with my Club ID number, telling me I would need an activation code from a separate e-mail to set up my membership account, and to allow 7-10 business days to get my points loaded.

  • Never received an activation code, so called Member Services. They gave me the activation code, set up my membership account and loaded my points.

I hear some people get the activation code and not the Club ID. But when you get one, you can call and get the process moving!


I think that this is weirdly phrased but the two steps are creating your DVC account where you can log in and see the membership number. It will say you have 0 points. Then a few days (not usually 7-10!) later it will show your actual points.

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Just received my ID and login code from DVC. If you haven’t already, you should be getting yours tomorrow, since I am one day ahead with closing date.


Great news! I have not received my ID or login yet, so that would be lovely. Thanks for the heads up!

I FINALLY got my activation code today. However, I don’t know where my Club ID is. Does it come in a separate email on the same day?


Almost a month from close till I heard from Disney.

I got mine by calling IIRC.


Club ID comes in a separate email. I received the two emails within minutes of each other.

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I got the Club ID email! It came almost 2 hours after the activation code email. :roll_eyes:

Don’t they know we measure time in milliseconds? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now waiting for my points to load
Day 4…


I don’t get points till February so I’m not too concerned about timing! :rofl:


Got my activation codes a few minutes ago! Woohoo! Now just waiting for the club ID.


Is this actually necessary/useful?

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