Offer Submitted! edit: Again!

So after much research over the past 2 years, kicking that research into high gear over the past few months, and then 24 hours of obsessive number crunching, I submitted my first offer today!

I won’t give too many details (not that I don’t trust you all but this is a public forum after all!), but I made an offer on SSR for a couple dollars / point less than asking. It was a pretty good price based on other listings, but still higher than what was being offered just a month ago. The market is crazy.

So I’m prepared for the emotional gut punch of being outbid, but also will feel great if I get it since I think it will be a decent deal.

Feels surreal, like I have just compulsively bought something as expensive as a car! :grimacing::flushed:

But it wasn’t really compulsive, it’s been a long time coming. Wish me luck!

Timeline for reference of future buyers:

Round 1
4/30: Submitted Offer
4/30: Offer Accepted (within 1 hour of offer)
5/3: Received and signed/submitted initial paperwork (Contract for Sale and Purchase, etc.), paid 10% deposit
5/4: Package submitted to Disney for ROFR
5/21: Contract taken by Disney

Round 2
6/9: Offer submitted
6/11: Offer increased and accepted
6/11: Received and signed/submitted initial paperwork
6/14: Package submitted to Disney for ROFR
6/30: Passed ROFR
7/9: Estoppel received
7/16: Closing docs received / completed / money wired
7/22: Purchase closed
8/18: Received activation code email
8/25: Points loaded (approx.)



Good luck!!! All they can say is no, and then onto the next! :crossed_fingers:


Oh, what I did do compulsively was reserve a week at Aulani with cash for October, but that’s refundable so that doesn’t count! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, good luck! I hope they accept it! But if they don’t, another deal will come along. :slight_smile: You and I both drank the kool aid this year! The pandemic got to us! :crazy_face:


I think we all learned what YOLO really means this year! No more deferring enjoyment of the wealth I have built up. There’s no guarantee I will be around 30 years from now to enjoy it then.


I started thinking about it right after we stayed at AKL last August. My friend tried to talk me out of it by saying, “Do you really want to commit to going to Disney World every year?” It’s like she doesn’t really know me at all. :disappointed_relieved:




Hey, happy birthday @Nickysyme! Hope you had a good one! :birthday::partying_face:


Just got a call from the broker and the seller accepted my offer! Now to complete the paperwork and send off to Disney for ROFR!


Congratulations! You changed your title as I was typing, so really congratulations! Good luck surviving ROFR, though SSR seems to be doing fine, OKW buybacks are fierce right now.

I bought last April and won’t stay until this December. I have zero regrets!


Buy enough points to go to Disney every other year!


The only thing I’m wondering is if my offer was too high! lol They got back to me within like an hour or so. They should have played hard to get to make me feel better about my catch. :joy:

But with the market being so hot right now and all the other listings being quite a bit higher, I don’t feel too bad.


I obsessed over the Disboard ROFR thread worries my offer was too high! Then realized if it was the right contract at the right price for me, who cares!

And you are in a HOT market right now, so good for you for getting the contract you wanted.


While you are all here: I submitted my offer through, also known as The Timeshare Store Inc. Has anyone bought through them before? Just want to get a sense of their trustworthiness before I start submitting more detailed information and wiring money to title companies, etc.

Paging @PrincipalTinker on this one since she is the guru.


Look at it in terms of percentage difference in your price. Few dollars/point = few percentage points. In 30+ years, not something to worry about, right numbers guy?

Congrats and (hopefully) Welcome Home!


I took a look at these as well! It’s hard to tell with the significant jump in activity lately, so I know my offer was higher than the market back in March, but not sure how I compare to other offers in the last week or so.


I like the way you think! :wink:

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One of the things I did while running the numbers was compare to the cost of a rental over time. Assuming only 3% inflation on the price of rental points, by the time an SSR contract expires in 2054, rentals will cost 2.65 x as much as today. That’s about $53/point to RENT.

So a $5K week today could cost $13K in 2054. :flushed:

In other words, in terms of cash on cash, I could get the full value of my contract just with the last 2 stays before it expires.


Oh! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

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