Off topic: Any vaccine insider in the group

We have an upcoming trip in late November and we really would love to have my 10 yo son get at least one shot before the trip.

From what I can gleam Pfizer submitted data this week to the FDA for the 5-11 group, but didn’t ask for EUA approval. I had heard that it would take FDA about 3ish weeks after once they had the data to approve it. That would put us in late October for approval. However, now I’m reading that it may be three weeks after formula FDA submission for an approval. That timeline might push things back a few weeks.

Anyway, you guys are always so helpful in many ways and this all tied in to our Disney trip (fingers crossed) that I thought I’d take a chance and see if any of you had any thoughts or info. Thanks for any help you can give.!


There’s a lot to read thought but you’ll find your answers here: Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 3 - Walt Disney World - TouringPlans Discussion Forums

I’m not an insider, but I have been reading up on vaccinations for the 5-11 age group, and what you posted above seems to be the latest available information. Based on this, my current thinking is mid-late November for this age group, but I am hoping for sooner as the information seems to change from week to week.


That’s an understatement … it is a treatise!


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Thanks! I did read that thread, but the info I was looking for wasn’t in there.

This information is up to date and accurate.

Odds are extraordinarily slim you will find anyone willing to provide insider info, even privately, due to insider trading prohibitions.

My understanding is they submitted part of the package so the FDA could start reviewing that while they finished completing the rest of the package. They can’t ask for approval until the entire package is in.

Good summary here:

Best case scenario is still end of October but could slide into November. It will be close for your trip. I’d give consideration to what adjustments you’d make either way because it is really hard to say.

Thank you for the fantastic reply. I think if we get a shot in his arm by 11/17 we’ll be comfortable with going. So we are right up against it obviously.

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Make sure you have all your web account info set up and current with your family doctor/pediatrician in case that’s a route to quickest jab.

I haven’t heard any details on distribution plans plans yet. With the dosage being different, I’m not sure how that could impact things. I’m hoping that all existing vax locations can just give out lower doses but haven’t heard anyone confirm that yet.

Also, if things do move quickly and the 3 weeks for the second shot falls during your trip, ask your doctor’s advice, but I would think you’d want to just wait until you get back rather than try to get one during the trip.

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, we have a nurse friend who has access that should be able to get us in day one once approved. I truly hope we have the problem of needing a second dose while at WDW! I think we would just wait until we return for dose two, but will consult our doc. I think if Pfizer files for EUA by 10/14ish we should be good, hoping it comes next week.

This is attempt number 4 for this trip and of course we got every ADR we wanted (Ohana, Space 220, Topolino’s, etc) so please for the love of god Pfizer, get this done quick!


We are going with our 9 year old the week after Thanksgiving, so I’ve been keeping tabs. You are pretty up to date. We are going regardless, as he’s in in person school and extra curricular activities and we have taken him other places that can get crowded. He masks for indoor spaces all the time, so I don’t think Disney will be an issue. I am hoping though that vaccines come out before our trip to get him at least one injection.

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Now the OP has an answer I’m going to close this thread. Any discussion related to covid should be kept to the coronavirus thread linked above. Thank you.