Off tomorrow morning!

I think we are actually going. Third try (lost a ton of money on DVC rental points). Staying at the new swan reserve (DH has marriott points). My very cautious son okayed the trip because his whole crew had (relatively mild) breakthrough infections a few weeks ago and so he figures they are in a safe window to travel. Me, DH, DS, DDIL, DGTwins, 7. Kids do not know yet. Renting a car for the first time ever, too. Staying a whole week. Feeling incredibly lost with the whole Genie+ thing, and it being not supported by Touring Plans yet - I felt so much more like I had it figured out three years ago when we went. Fingers crossed!


I hope you have a fabulous time—the kids are going to be so surprised!!

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Best advice is to not expect too much from G+. A good TP is more valuable at MK and EP IMO (maybe even AK), then buy an ILL per day. But just enjoy the time and go with the flow.


Update: the twins only have been told that they are going to do something fun as a family tomorrow to celebrate making it through quarantine and their week of distance learning. Their mom is packing while they sleep. They’ll know what’s happening when we show up tomorrow to pick them up to go to the airport!