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We love Disney been 12 years in a row prior to covid and as we’re from the UK we’ve had to wait 2 years plus before returning this August. We come for 14 days and stay off site, however in the past stayed at a value resort on the odd night to get some of the then perks. We always arrived at rope drop when off site and used the extra magic hours when staying at Disney. I know we can still get 30 min EE if we stay on site and we are toying with the idea of booking the odd night at a hotel that offers the extra evening hours. However what’s the view of off site rope drop ie is there any point, what time should we arrive to be in the front of the line etc? While I realise things are changing all the time as Disney adjusts to post covid however I wondered what the current view is? I’ve seen the Genie and LL blogs videos and I’m not overly impressed with that system.

You can use Genie plus to your advantage if staying offsite. I listened last night to the latest episode of Rope Drop Radio podcast and they go park by park, onsite/offsite/with Genie/w/o Genie scenarios. The podcast was recommended to me on WDW Lines Chat by @popupcamper

For on the ground intel: Lines

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The “rope drop queen” is the amazing Michelle McKnight , Touring Plans travel agent.

Thanks for that I’ve just listened to that not very encouraging for offsite visitors🤔 clearly there is still lots of things that could effect waiting times especially as some of the shows like fantasmic are still not available. We normally go October and crowds tend not to be that bad looking at it the end of August seems similar crowd wise. I guess I’ll wait and see what changes through the year.

At MK, Adventureland and Frontierland open at rope drop, so that would be a place you wouldn’t have a disadvantage. Maybe you could plan a hotel room night to correspond to your HS day. Would you get early entry privileges for both check in and check out day of a single night hotel room?

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I gave a great deal of thought to off-site/on-site. I’d had three reservations until just a month ago. When we learned the G+ and ILL$$$ rules, the balance tipped more to off-site. This was my logic. During the half-hour early entry, what will you and everyone else be rushing towards? The ILL$$$ rides. I figured one ILL$$$ ride during Early Entry was a fair estimate. Since ILL$$$ rides have a price, that allows me to put a price on the value of early entry as about $10/per person. I ignored Disney parking costs since we’ll have a car and therefore will pay parking regardless either at the resort or parks. So, if the off-site room saves us only $30, we can use that money to buy one ILL$$$ for the three of us and come up even cost-wise. But, superior experiences-wise, because I’d rather schedule a ride than fight the elbowing-hordes.

That was the logical argument. This is our once-in-a-lifetime trip, so I ended up with some of both so that we’ll get early entry and I won’t feel bad about buying ILL$$$.

Also, when G+ was announced that leaned me towards off-site. My plan is to cut out one QS meal a day to pay for G+.

So, despite all the penny-pinching changes Disney has done, I think I’m more pleased with our current plans than our pre-lockdown plans and our budget is about the same.

For the evening hours, that is also easy to put a price on, since it is equivalent to one of the events.

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