Off-site hotel recs

Howdy, folks. First time, long time.

I’m heading to WDW in May. One little complexity in our planning is the fact that my Pennsylvania-based parents will fly in on the morning of Sunday the 17th. I will be driving to Orlando from South Carolina. As they expect to get the first flight out (or close to it) on the 17th, I feel like it will be best to NOT get up at 2am to start driving and instead drive down on Saturday the 16th.

So, here’s my question/request: I am looking for off-site hotel recommendations for Saturday May 16th. I am primarily looking for something cheap and clean/safe, with comfort a somewhat distant 3rd in terms of priorities. Basically, I just need some place to lay my head for a night. Any kind of high-end frills or amenities are not necessary.

Thanks in advance!


Near MCO? Hotel near MCO that will provide free shuttle?


To be clear, you want a single night before your parents arrive…at which point you already have other accommodations?

I don’t have answers, but it seems like a simple search using Choice Hotels, or Wyndham, etc, would give you something decent. You probably could even tolerate something a little before driving into Orlando, such as up near Ocala, etc, and drive the rest of the way in the morning.

You might also look at Priceline or something to find any last minute deals.