Off site and FPP for 7DMT

After viewing this video I am encouraged and discouraged at the same time.

I am discouraged because we are staying off site and from what I gather, our chances of securing a FPP for 7DMT is looking bleak. After looking at this video, the alternative plan of heading to 7DMT at rope drop seems flawed. This video was from July 2014 and my visit will be June/July 2015. I know the video was made only a couple of months after the ride opened but are the lines for this ride still of this magnitude??

On the flip side, I am encouraged because, possibly, with the masses bee-lining to 7DMT, the rest of the park rides will have reduced wait times.

I want to throw 7DMT into my TP but I will not wait in a line as long as the m=one in the video.

actually, I’ve seen improvements with the availability 30 days out and even later. It’s still pretty tough to get, but not as bad as in the beginning.

tip: if the line is not stretched beyond the entrance, the wait should only be about 45 minutes (regardless of what the posted time says)

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I’ve been using this to judge lines throughout the day and figure out our plan. I’m pretty sure the rush to the mine train is our only chance at seeing E&A, if you look at this line data what you said is true that it is making lines for other popular attractions, shorter first thing. I’m a data person, so this feature of TouringPlans has been so useful to me. I’m hoping that this is an accurate predictor

Thank you for sharing the video, I’m obsessing over opening at the moment and it helps to have a visual- My goal is simply to make it back to Fantasy Land without losing a child or having a melt down :stuck_out_tongue:

I will still try to secure at FPP for the 7DMT at zero dark early 30 days out… but if I don’t get one I don’t think I will go Standby. I will be using the phone app while in the park to check the current lines and if by some miracle the wait is reasonable… I will shoehorn it into my plan on the fly…

Don’t give up on trying to make the FP+ reservation for 7DMT. Even if you can’t get it at the 30 day mark, keep trying. I had this issue, and checked back frequently (couple times a day, and refreshing the page several times) and was able to get ours. The closer you get to your vacation especially, others will be changing plans and canceling FP.