Off property house suggestions

I was set on Windsor Hills, but unless I’m at the top of the neighborhood it looks like I’ll have to make a left turn without a light, or drive all through the subdivision to get to the light…and I don’t want to add minutes! Now I’m (just) starting to look at other neighborhoods. I found Formosa Gardens…didn’t even look at it long enough to form an opinion, just came here to ask for suggestions for individual houses or neighborhoods.

Criteria: 5-6 bedrooms, not in rough area, and easy access…we will have cars and plan to do midday breaks. I’ve not stayed off site but I think we should be able to get back to house with a car as quickly as by bus on property.?

Edit: am I reading too much into this and turning left there isn’t a big deal?

I’ve stayed at Windsor Hills prior and am staying there again in May. Don’t remember turning left out of the subdivision being an issue without a light. And even with staying on the far side of the subdivision, to drive to the other side of it would only take a minute or so. I think your longest delay will be turning onto 192. I’ve found the drive easy to the parks from there, but I’d imagine that just like everything else at Disney World, it depends on when you go.


We stayed in Windsor Hills a few years ago (condo, not house) and also didn’t find turning left out of the neighborhood to be any big issue.

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This is an “it depends” kind of answer.

MK definitely not. This is because you have to monorail over to the TTC and walk to your car before you even start driving. So I think taking a bus from MK to an on-site resort will almost always be faster.

The other parks, though, it is probably going to be somewhat equivalent, depending. Traffic at certain times a day can make the commute there longer than expected. I would count on about 30 minutes of driving time to be safe. (In some cases, houses that are father away, distance wise, can still get you to the parks faster than some of the closer neighborhoods because they avoid the whole 192 intersection area!)

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I think that will work out well with MK. A smaller group of us are staying at the Poly for 2 nights first and our 1st MK day will be from there. Our 2nd MK day is our last day so we will leave by lunch.

I’ll try to start looking for others that avoid 192.

Oh, in this case, my hearting your post was both a Thank You and liking what you said. :wink:

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Now I’ve found a house I love in Storey Lake, but it’s a gated community and I’m worried about being backed up at the gate! 1st world problems for real.

I’ve stayed in plenty of communities and have never had troublemaking rope drop with or without gated communities. I’ve stayed as far away as Champions Gate and still had zero issues with travel.
It’s possible you are worrying at a whole new level.


Also - I drove PAST Windsor Hills 2019 to get to our house and there was never traffic to speak of. :+1:


Windsor Hills is gated as well. Actually, I think almost every place I’ve stayed has been gated.

Hmm. I’m thinking…if a few minutes here or there risks messing up your schedule, you might want to just plan for those extra minutes.

Just sayin’.

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I’ve stayed at Storey Lake twice, and I LOVE it! We are staying there again on our next trip…tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I remembered that after I went to work! I remember worrying about backing up at the gate when I first thought about renting there. I think I’m just freaking out a little because it’s my first off site visit and everyone says if you want to take midday breaks you need to stay onsite. We will have 2 four year olds (cousins) so breaks will be a must!

Tomorrow!!! YAY!!! Have a blast!

Are you staying in the same house or have you rented different properties there?

I know! It’s finally time!!

It’s been different houses each time, because of different needs. I love that they have a variety of floor plans. We have been in the 5 bedroom and 6 bedroom, and TODAY we’ll be in the 9 bedroom. :). So excited!


We stayed at WH during the busy christmas week and barely had left turn problems. The road leading to 192 did get backed up, but never too bad.

Have you looked at Encore Resort at Reunion? That’s where we were thinking of our next stay to be. Slightly south of WH. Does anyone know about Encore? Reviews are all over the place on Trip Advisor.


That’s good to know that left turns weren’t much of a problem even then. I haven’t checked out Encore yet. I’m starting to lean towards Storey Lake because I’m loving that lazy river! I could end every night there.