Off Property Hotel W/Extra Magic Hours Question

Hi there! We are going for our 15th trip to WDW next week but it’s our first time staying off-property and I have questions!

Our hotel, the Hilton Disney Springs Buena Vista Palace, is listed on WDW’s website as being a hotel that qualifies to benefit from extra magic hours but HOW? What do I need to show/do to prove to the people at the WDW gates that I’m allowed to be there early.

Thanks for any insights!

Have you linked your reservation to MDE? If you do that, when they scan you in, it should tell them.

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I’m not sure how you do that? Can you explain? I’ve poked all around MDE and haven’t seen anywhere you add your off-property reservation.

Step1: Grab your reservation number from the email from the Hilton…
Step 2: Open MDE on a computer… Click under My Disney Experience to “My Plans”

Step 3: Point at “Resort Hotel” and Click “Link Reservation”

Once you put the number in, then it should link to MDE (sometimes it takes a couple days)

Hope that helps

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