Off property hotel to stay in when flying in night before reservation


My husband and I are considering flying in late Wednesday night and staying at a hotel offsite before checking in to AKV on Thursday. We are renting points and do not want to add another night using them. I am a bit particular when it comes to room accommodations so does anyone have any good suggestions for a hotel in the area that is inexpensive (let's say less than $100 a night)?


There are lots of hotels to be had for that or less per night. I think it depends on what you mean by particular. You might check the value resorts... you might be able to get a room there for that price range.


Are you going to have a rental car? If not, I think that the best option is to stay at Pop. You can take the DME to get there and then when you wake up, you can have your bags sent ahead to AKV while you go straight to the parks. It's definitely the most efficient way. If you plan to drive yourself, it won't make as big of a difference.


Consider Cabana Bay at Universal. I stayed there for around that much a couple weeks ago on a deal I found at Orbits. Great lazy river, cool theming, bus to Citywalk with their new, awesome restaurants and entertainment, etc. WDW Value is a great idea too @Outer1 Priceline might be fun to play with also: maybe start out big with a 4 Star near DTD for a small bid and go from there


Thanks all! I will take a look into all options mentioned. We are renting a car. And by "particular" I just mean something that doesn't look like it hasn't been cleaned or properly taken care of for a few days. Would hate to start my trip in a rundown, dirty hotel room.


If it were me I would do 1 night at Pop. We have done that many times. Otherwise, I'd consider the Hyatt at MCO for convenience. Its the fastest option for getting to sleep asap since its right there in the airport, and then you can wake up and go right down to DME.


I would stay at the hotel in the airport! Then ride ME the next morning!


We drove and I didn't want to pay for an extra night if we arrived late. I had points and stayed at the best western on I drive. They have free breakfast including mickey waffles. They also had a shuttle. The airport idea is good too.