Off-Property Guest - Poly

we are staying at the Poly on our next trip…We have some friends staying off-property. Are they allowed to come on property and hang out with us at the pool?

Join you on property? Yes.

Join you at the pool? Strictly speaking, no.

so all they can do is join us for dining?? just not in the rooms or pool…

They can hang in your room. They can join you to dine. They can hang in public areas with you.

They cannot go in the pool

okay, thanks

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I think it’s fair to say they are not permitted in the pool. Now - would they get caught using the pool? My guess is no, unless you’re going at a really busy time and they are actively checking Magic Bands at the pool. I’ve heard of that on rare occasions, but never seen it.

I’d also guess if you went to the front desk and asked permission along the lines of “we have friends stopping by who were planning on eating at the Poly and we were hoping to hang out at the pool after, would that be OK? Or should we spend our money off-site?” you may get actual permission. Worst case is they would say no…

@Damavs mentioned, you can ask for a day pass for the pool. It is true that you can use your MB to open the pool gate but the Poly is one of the few resorts I have heard of CMs going into the pool area and scanning MBs and removing guests without MBs and nonPoly guest.

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Agree. We have had our MB scanned at the Poly pool.