Off Property FP+

Okay. Looking at my plans, I’m trying to figure out what to prioritize for FP+.

Going to MK and AK - one day each.

We’re off property, so FOP definitely out of the running (going to RD that). Have an early BOG for MK so should only need to FP PPF or 7DMT - not both.

We will have an adventurous two year old who should be 40” by then. So open to most of what is out there.

My other question with 30 day reservations is what to prioritize. Do I focus on getting all three in ASAP so we can try to get extras, or do we focus more on priority rides? Worried about having a late FP+

We are looking at CL 5 both days. Working on a clear strategy because my mom will be the one doing the booking in December (tutorial in November).

Have you considered doing a “throwaway” or a “pump and dump” and add a day to the start of your trip? You would get 60 day rolling window for reservations and increase your chances plus the free magic bands don’t hurt.

Depending on your budget this would make financial sense even if you don’t use the room.

The truth is that there is nothing to prioritize at 30 days. FOP and SDD will be long gone by then. At 30 days you are fighting for time slots not rides, perhaps FEA if anything. FPP should be based on your plan.

Use this link to get an idea of what might be available at the time and then rank your selections.

Smile, you are going to have a great time either way. And don’t forget to refresh and modify on the days leading to your trip you never know what you can get!

I don’t understand this; could you please explain ?

This is the process of booking a Disney onsite room for 60 FPP access, once FPPs are booked, you cancel the reservation.

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Ooooooh…how very sneaky… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks !

Surprising that they don’t cancel your FPPs though

I advice against cancelling and keeping one day at the beginning of your vacation. But yes, they allow you to keep your FPP reservations.

Ah OK you mean add a day on-site at the start of your trip to get 60-day privileges and then move to your off-site hotel for the remainder of the trip ?

I think some people just keep the res, but don’t show up to use it. So, in essence, you’re paying for advanced FPP service, I guess.

I don’t think you need the throwaway reservation. I’d say you’ll be good as long as you’re super early on AK day for ropedrop. You could probably still ride Navi with a short wait as well and maybe ride again with fpp? At MK, I think I would ride PPF after breakfast and fpp 7dmt for whenever you can get it. For MK I would try to get fpp before one if possible and then add 4th and subsequent passes after that. Use a good touring plan with the fpp before that time. Good luck!