# of Days Per Park Recommendation


I am attempting to reschedule our originally cancelled March 2020 trip for March 2021.

We have 6 day tickets, non Hopper.
We have 2 children: 3 and 5 year old girls
We had originally planned: Day 1: MK, Day 2: EP, Day 3: HS, Day 4: MK, Day 5: AK, Day 6: MK.
So, 3 MK days and 1 day at each of the other parks.
This was also 3 half days at MK while taking in all the parades and fireworks at a leisurely pace.

I am considering changing this to 2 days at HS and 2 days at MK.
This is because I would assume with the smaller crowds and no parades and fireworks, I would not need 3 days at MK.

Does anyone with DisneyWorld during COVID experience have a recommendation on how much time is now needed at each park?

Thank you in advance for any responses!


Generally with kids the age yours are, there is a lot more that they can do at MK than at HS. My family could probably spend two full days at MK and still not get to everything there is to do. Especially if you are planning on your MK days being short days, if I were you, I would still plan on doing 3 days at MK and one at HS. However, if you think you might want a second day at HS, go ahead and book a park reservation for that second day since HS often fills up. Then mid-trip you can decide which park you would rather spend the extra day at, and change the reservation to MK if necessary.

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My kids are also 3 and 5 and we are currently planning a June trip so I have thought about a similar issue on MK vs HS.

Are you kids into Star Wars? Are both of them at least 38" (tall enough for MF:SR)? This would impact my choice of 2/2 vs 3/1. If “yes” to both, then I would consider splitting 2/2. If “no” to either one, then I would do 3 at MK and 1 at HS.

My 3 year old is close to 38" and we are trying to determine is he will get be there by our trip. He will be very frustrated watching this older sister on all the SW:GE rides for 1 day, let alone 2 if he cannot go on any of them.

Meanwhile at MK, my kids love going on some of the rides over and over so they are always happy with more MK time.

Note - I have not been during Covid (last trip was October 2019) so can’t speak to the experience during Covid.


I do not think you could fill two days in HS with a 3 and 5 yr old. Take out ToT, RNRC, Star Tours and ROTR, possibly SDD and MFSR and you have a very, very limited number of rides. I think it’s still worth a day, but you could easily do TSL, MMRR, and the Frozen sing-along in a day, plus any of those you want to do again. We did 2 MK days in October and would have gladly taken a third, and my kids are 6, 8, and 10, so can push it harder than yours will be able to. I’d keep 3 days at MK.

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I agree with others. Keep your 3 MK days! It’s the perfect park for those ages. Not a lot to do in HS for little kids, especially with the shows being gone.


I vote what everyone else said. Though if you have stalwart kids they can handle RotR. Mine would have been fine on it at that age. The older one didn’t like heights but he wouldn’t have been scared by Kylo. But by far MK was my favorite followed by AK for that age. When they reach 8yo then it would switch to DHS and EPC.

I also agree, keep what you have. Our trip in August we actually planned two HS days but ended up switching to a third MK day instead. Not enough at HS for us for two days right now. And I have a teen, not littles.

Just got back and I would suggest keeping your schedule as is. That’s the exact # of days we had in each park. In fact, if I was going to add another day I would probably do HS but would strongly consider MK for that day as well.

Schedule looks good to me. Not sure arrival date but I wouldnt do HS on the weekend

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to reply to my post.

Below is my detailed park schedule as of right now. I largely based this off the TP crowd calendar estimates.

Sun Mar 14th: MK
Mon Mar 15th: HS
Tue Mar 16th: Pool Day
Wed Mar 17th: EP
Thu Mar 18th: MK
Fri Mar 19th: Pool Day
Sat Mar 20th: AK
Sun Mar 21st: MK

Any recommended changes would be appreciated.

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If you really want to get on RotR and don’t get a BG on your ONE day you might want to consider another HS day?.. and then hop to MK??? Even younger kids get into the fun of RorR.

With 6 days, I would do MK - 3, 1-1-1. Just because MK is so much bigger, with so many more rides.

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Another option is to try for a BG, and if that fails, swap the HS day for another park day later in the week for another chance to try without necessarily having to add another HS day altogether.

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If the park has availability later in the week, that is a fantastic idea. Otherwise the kids are 5 and 3, so stick to the three days in MK.