Oddsmakers - WDW open on 5/23/20?

I have a WDW trip starting on 5/23. Up until this weekend, I was feeling pretty optimistic that the parks would be back to normal by then. But Trump’s press conferences over the last few days - suggesting that we still may be working through the coronavirus issue into July or even August - has dampened my optimism.

I know the situation is “fluid” and “dynamic”, but what odds would you put on the parks being open on 5/23? What’s your gut call?

Please and thank you!

My gut tells me no- I am sorry- did you want me to lie?


CDC suggested 8 weeks of social distancing/isolation of at-risk individuals, etc., which is May 11ish. My feeling is that we will know much more then and things will begin to resume–maybe not on the theme park with 60,000 international travelers scale but moving toward our new normal. I’d be concerned with an opening before June (July?) 1, but you gotta hope, right?


@PrincipalTinker: Thanks. And, um, no?

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I would hold out for hope. I was betting a June opening but if it truly goes that long our country will be in a dire situation from lost income.

I would think they are going to try to open as soon as possible.

At some point they just going to have to let this thing go.


I wonder if they will do what Shanghai is doing, and screening people for fevers at park entry points. The people who sailed DCL (before the suspension) said it was relatively quick and easy at the port. Of course, 2,500-4,000 people is a lot different than 30,000 people, but still.

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Here’s a thought: social media in part has been responsible for some social distancing closures.

If numbers of positive cases begins to decline is it possible that Disney could be receiving enough calls/emails when are/why aren’t you opening that they begin opening.

Perhaps phased openings such that Disney opens particular parks and rides first. Like Epcot but not Ratatouille, Frozen or Soarin.


@janamelia - I am thinking that the last thing they want is to open the parks too early and then be seen as having exacerbated the problem before we got it fully under control.

I wonder if they keep tabs on which rides are more “germy” than others - i.e., which rides require people to be in closer proximity or handle shared surfaces more than others. I am guessing they do.

Another no from me.

Rides and lines. Space Mtn and RnRC both require hands on entering and exiting the ride vehicle. Tower of Terror or EE not so much.

The lines for the rides you never get a FP for might be more germy.

That’s a good choice for a series of polls @Jeff_AZ. What’s the toughest ride to get in and out of. When I had a broken arm on our 2018 trip I thought we were going to need a crane to get me up and out of a Jungle Cruise boat. :blush:

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Little to no chance. I hold virtually no hope for my late August trip.

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I am hoping things will be open for May… but I am also losing optimism. We have a trip last week of May. I’m calling it 50/50 chance of being open.

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We have a trip starting 5/16 and did our FPs this morning. I’m not sure if DW will be open or not, but at the very least it was good practice. At my job we are taking things day by day and that’s my motto right now. I also don’t want to cancel the trip so if they do close, my tickets will get extended to December 15. I do have a back up trip scheduled for August and I do think DW will be open by then. I can’t imagine this country being shut down like this for 5 months.

I have a trip planned for 5/21. Have to decide whether to link my UCT hard tickets for FPP this Sunday or send them back for a refund. Still undecided. I’d like to hope they are open by then but it’s looking less likely every week. I’ve given up on my April trip.

I for sure don’t think it will be open before June 1st because I think the Flower & Garden season is a wash as of now.

My optimistic self booked for the first weekend in June.

I think no company/organization is going to want to be the first to re-open because of the liability and bad press about re-opening and having an outbreak.

So for schools, churches, bars, restaurants, Disney, NBA, MLB, etc. will there need to be an official “all clear” for them to re-open as a collective group? Who would be that trusted source to give the “all clear”? And when would it be safe to issue an “all clear”, when new cases per day are zero?

I submit that the trusted source is the public themselves.

Generally speaking, a sizable percentage (based on mine own experience) forget woefully quickly.

It’s easy to social distance in the winter. It’s going to be difficult for the masses to remember in the summer.

When society starts clamoring for things to open up, I can’t guess. I do think it’ll happen.

And then folks like DH who is more at risk can self isolate. (Tho HE won’t. He says he’s had a good run.)


I agree that no company wants to be the one that opens prematurely and is seen as disregarding public health for the sake of profit.

But eventually, companies will get tired of not making money, and they will start pushing whatever buttons and pulling whatever levers they can to get clearance (“cover”) from governmental authorities to open back up again without looking bad.

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I think it’s open by that point. That’s over 8 weeks. By that point, things will stabilize.

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Our trip starts 5/16. Still got my FPPs and started my touring plan. Also just made some dining reservations.

My family is manifesting the hell out of this; it will happen.