Odds of ticket prices going up again in Feb?

Since Disney raised ticket prices and made major changes to the AP in October, what do you all think is the chance they’re going to do it again as they have in past Februarys? Trying to figure out if I should go ahead and bite the bullet and get it over with or if I can put it off a little longer.

The advice I heard on the Backside of Magic is they flag up price changes at least a day or two before, so if you watch out you’ll normally get in beforehand. But they’ve shown absolutely no qualms about raising prices twice last year with parking so I wouldn’t be at all surprised.


Besides prowling this forum and the DIS, where else might I be able to hear about it? Thanks!

The Ears the news app collates all the most recent Disney news
Edit, sorry it’s called Ears the News

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That looks great for all kinds of things. Thanks again.

There was an increase a couple of years ago that only one outlet had any advance notice and it was less than 24 hours.

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DO you happen to recall the name of the site? Of course, I should just go ahead and buy them all but then I’d be committed. This year just has an unsettled feeling with a lot of moving parts that makes me uneasy about planning too far ahead. :neutral_face:

Wdwnt were the only ones- I believe it was two years ago?

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