Odd TP - MK Afternoon Evening

Wondering if anyone can offer some advice here. I am guessing this TP looks like this because mid day wait times, but still seems odd, even with G+ turned on?
PDF attached of the plan, but basically, get to MK at 2pm, tells me to do SFT, then NOTHING until 8pm when it then has us do everything else on the plan, ending at 11pm.
Sat MK Evening 6.12.2023.pdf (776.6 KB)

I don’t mind having all that free time, but still seems weird?

You don’t have enough stuff in your plan to fill the time, so your shortest wait time puts everything at night when lines are shorter.

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I see, otherwise if we did things earlier, even with G+, waits would be longer I assume?
I guess this is fine, as its gives me plenty of time to show my friend “the park”, which to me is a whole attraction unto itself, that many people do not get to enjoy.

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Your waits would probably be shorter with G+ but I don’t think that feature works amazingly when planning in advance.

I guess the only thing really bumming me out, is not doing JC during daylight. I wonder if there is a way to mod it to see how bad the wait would be.

There are experts on the G+ threads who could help you do that, definitely.

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Ah cool, I will check that out, thanks!

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Just get G+ for that as your first choice and you’ll get a daytime LL