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Staying offsite for 4 days for a work conference before checking into CBR on November 8th with free dining package. Tickets were purchased as part of the package. Staying 7 nights at CBR and purchased 10 day tickets. My question is can I enter the parks beginning on November 4th even though I don’t check into CBR until November 8th? Didn’t know if the tickets were somehow restrictive to only being able to be used once I was actually checked in?

Technically on a package the tickets aren’t activated until your check-in day. We’ve seen a lot of reports of people that have been successful going to guest services and activating them but usually they only allow for two days in advance. I wouldn’t count on getting them early but you’d sort of be at the mercy of the guest services CM since the actual rule is check in date.

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I called WDW about this today: IT tells me you can start using your tickets up to 10 days before check-in, BUT same deal as always: you’ve only got 14 days to use them. :slight_smile: Straight from the horse’s mouth, via me. (Does that make me the back end of the horse?) The advent of MagicBands and MDE has changed historical norms around all of this.
I called because we have a split stay with FD with the SECOND part of our stay, not the first, but can use tickets for the first part… can’t book FPP until 60 days prior to start of the SECOND part, however. Oh well.


Great info!!!

Great information. So…I had researched (but didn’t call) about a similar scenario for my trip. I have a Disney trip with extended family starting June 17 with 5 day park hoppers. I was now going to be in the Orlando area earlier and was considering going to Star Wars Weekend on June 13 or June 14 for my husband and son. Could we then potentially use our tickets early (and then add a day)? We will be staying offsite though.

I wasn’t going to pay an additional $300 for a one day HS trip - because I came up with not being able to use tickets early. But I would be willing to pay an extra $30 or so.

This is copied from the Tickets section of this website.

Upgrading Third-Party Tickets After A Disney Price Hike

In March, 2014, Disney changed its policy for upgrading third-party tickets purchased prior to a Disney price increase. If, after Disney raises its ticket prices, you want to upgrade a ticket purchased before the, you must first pay the difference between what you paid for your ticket and Disney’s current price for that same ticket. Once you do that, you’ll pay the current price for whatever upgrade you want.

Example You buy a 5-day base ticket from the Official Ticket Center for $290, saving around $30 off Disney’s gate price of $320. After you buy it, Disney raises its price for that ticket another $20, to $340. If you later want to upgrade your 5-day ticket to a 7-day ticket, you’ll first pay $50 - the difference between what you paid Official Ticket Center for the ticket ($290) and Disney’s current price for the ticket ($340). Then on top of that you’ll also pay whatever is the current incremental difference between the 5- and 7-day tickets at Disney’s gate prices.

It’s unclear whether Disney will apply this logic to their own tickets. So far we’ve only heard it applies to third-party tickets purchased before a price increase.

Yes you can, and you can add days… but if you bought from an outside broker, don’t add the days until AFTER your first park entry; then you (apparently) only pay the face-value difference between a 5-day PH and a however-many-day PH.

Has anyone actually tried this adding extra days after first park entry via third party tix?

The answer is yes, but I don’t know who… But now I’m hoping somebody answers because I plan to do this next week! Will let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Please follow up for sure and let us know. Very interested in how this works out.

Any updates as to how this turned out?

Yes… step 1, they upgraded our “discount” 4-day PH ticket to a regular 4-day MYW+PH ticket for free (some initial issues with doing this but asked CM a few times and she clarified with supervisor and it was fine). THEN paid $27/ticket to add WP&M option. THEN 2 days later, upgraded to AP, cost $408 because we’d used 2 waterpark days and so had to get the premium AP. (If we hadn’t, would have been $275 for regular AP.)

We did it at HS Guest Services but apparently can also do at resort concierge. Took a few minutes, but not a huge deal.

Did you wait until after you first park entry before doing this?

Yes, and thus avoided the upcharge from the UT ticket to the regular MYW ticket.