Odd numbers on erodes with even seats

My wife, son-in-law,my daughter(his wife), and my single daughter going to UNiversal and Disney World. Any major impact on our itinerary flow when one of us will be riding solo on rides that load 2 by 2?

Ugh!!! That should be “rides” not erodes!!

I’m not sure what you mean by itinerary flow being impacted by odd numbers. We have 5 in our family and the odd number was not really an issue for us. We just took turns as to who would ride solo.

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Does the solo rider slow the flow waiting for another solo anonymous rider or do they end up perhaps getting on a ride quicker or do they ride reliably the same run as the other four?

No difference. There will be a single rider or they you will ride solo. They will not hold a ride to fill that one seat.

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