Octonauts anywhere at WDW?

Does anyone know if the Octonauts are represented anywhere at Walt Disney World? My two girls are pretty hardcore obsessed with that show. Thanks!!

I’ve never heard of Octonauts…

Never seen them there, if they did show up anywhere my guess would be at HS as they have several Disney Jr. characters. But as of now I’ve never heard of them being in the parks. Sorry! That show is so cute :slight_smile:

You must not have pre-schoolers.

Ok–I figured the best chance of any Octonauts anytning would be at HS. Just wondering if anyone has ever actually seen them anywhere or anything octonaut-related. Thanks!

I have never seen them at WDW, BUT, we have seen them multiple times at Sea Life aquarium…I would look to see if you have one near by, I know they are usually owned by the same company as legoland, so if there is a legoland, likely a Sea Life is near by. We have one in Michigan and my girls have been able to meet all of the Octonauts, plus its not bad seeing the sea animals too.

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Isn’t Octonauts a Nickelodeon show? I didn’t think they were Disney but I could be wrong. My kids love them too!

Nope. It’s a Disney Jr. show. http://disneyjunior.disney.com/the-octonauts