October Visit

Hi, I Will be arriving on Saturday October 27th should be at the hotel by 4 at the latest, and Leaving early Sunday Nov 4th. My family of 4 have a 5 day hopper pass and I was wondering based on crowd levels which would be the best days to use them. We are also planning to do one day at knotts and hopefully one day at Universal.


Are you staying on or off site?

Fairfield right across the street

I went last year at that time and it was pretty crowded on the party nights. Are you doing any of the parties at either park?

My basic advice would be to check when each park is having their parties. I know for sure DLR and USH have parties during that time and fairly certain so does Knotts and see how the hours/crowds might affect your visit if you are not attending the parties. Not sure of the ages of your group, but my understanding is the USH party is pretty scary.

I"m undecided.

It is a tough call. It can be quite the expense!

And with 5 days already in the park, thinking we don’t really need to go.

Very true. I am doing it for the first time this year, so I cannot say whether or not it is worth it, although if I was there on Halloween, I might be tempted to go!

We’ve done the party once on Halloween (first year we had APs & thought we were just going to get them for 1 year & do a bunch of DL in 1 yr then go back to a once annual trip) and then this last year went back for a party on not Halloween (Sept 29th). The party has a Halloween vibe no matter what day you do it & I do recommend doing it once but I feel like the price increases for party tickets have gotten crazy so I totally understand not doing it as well.

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I have basically the same advice to avoid the party days if not doing them. Except for Halloween, it tends to be a pretty low crowd day. When we went on Halloween in 2014 & the day after both were very low. And then 2 yrs ago my sister-in-law & her husband & kids did Halloween and the 3 days after and they loved how low the crowd levels were. So my recommendation would be to do DL on the 31st-3rd (that will be 4 days). For Universal if doing on a weekday you have to get up super early to beat traffic (like leave by 6am, a few min earlier if you can) or sit in standstill traffic from 6:30am-10:30am or leave later to have a shorter day. If you do Universal on a weekend then you can leave a little later and not be stuck in traffic (like until 8-9am). So depending on how early you want to be up you can do Universal on either Sunday or Monday & then do Knotts whatever other day you decide not to do Universal. Then for your 5th Disney day you could do either as a half day on your arrival Saturday (great chance to take in the entertainment, get a taste of the parks) or if you think you would be too tired then do a combo Knotts/Disney day as I hear you can easily come back to Disneyland in the evening after getting a lot accomplished at Knotts. But my vote would be to start off the vacation with Disney on that arrival day if you can & use Knotts as a rest day :slight_smile:

Good luck with all the planning & hope you report back or at least come back with any questions you have!

That sounds great, Thanks.

We have a similar trip! We arrive on Sunday the 28th and leave on the 3rd. We are doing Knott’s scary farm Sunday evening, then will be at DL Monday - Thursday and head over to Universal to finish out the week. We are doing the party Monday, so won’t start our 3 day hopper till Tuesday. Hope you have a great trip!

Hi, we were planning on doing Knotts on Monday as we didn’t buy a Halloween ticket. Do you have younger kids going with you to the scary farm?

No young kids. My son is 14 so this is our first year to do the scary farm and Halloween horror nights. My husband did scary farm when he was in his late teens and said it was pretty scary. I think the spooky farm is a daytime thing for younger kids.