October Vacation Questions

Hello again everybody, this forum has been very helpful with planning my trip. I have a few questions that I cant seem to find the answers too.

  1. I have a Premier Disney Visa Rewards Card, I heard members get the Free Dining Deal early with it, how do I find out when it becomes available to us, if this is true?
  2. I already have a reservation at AKV-KV from 10/22-29/16 and I make my dining reservations on Monday. If I make my dining reservations for my whole trip and I change my resort reservation, will my dining reservations be affected?
  3. Would you rather have 2 days at HS and 1 at AK, or 1 at HS and 2 at AK? I’m leaning towards 2 HS as we would get the opportunity to get FP+ for both RnR and Toy Story. Any opinions?
  4. Lastly, we would like to do Blizzard Beach 1 day, however it will only be open for our arrival date (10/22). Our flight lands at 10:30am so we figured we would get to BB by 2pm. BB closes at 5pm so do you think it would be worth it, or should we do Typhoon lagoon on another day?

Thanks for any help, we greatly appreciate it!

Hi there! I can help a little. No one knows for sure if Visa holders will have the access to any offer if and when is released. Stay tuned here or chat. It will be announcef there. But may have limited dates and resorts.

Dining reservations have nothing to do with resorts. So they will not be affected if you switch.

We arrived at Blizzard beach when it opened in the morning. Low waits. Personally I would not waste the time if you only had a few hours. Resort pools are great and much more relaxing.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask on!

Question 3 is the only one I feel that I can answer - or at least give an opinion. I rarely, if ever, plan more than one day at either; a full day at AK and a partial day at DHS.

I’ve seen all of the shows at DHS many times, and I rarely do more than 1 or 2 on any given trip - so it really doesn’t take a full day to do the rides and have lunch. Once every 3 or 4 trips is enough for me for F!, so in the past there hasn’t been much of a draw for me to stay late at DHS. Now with the new SW show, I would definitely stay, so it would be a full day (with some “slow” times in the middle). I skip TSMM more often than I ride it, but on trips that I do, I get an FPP for it, and do RnRC right at RD.

As parks go, I like AK much better than DHS. I always spend a full day there, love all of the shows, and have never gotten everything done in one day. And now, with the extended hours and PM activities/shows, there is a LOT to do there.

Some of it comes down to how you tour. I can go 16 hours straight with no breaks other than a couple of TS meals and a stop at one of the lounges/bars for a drink. So for me, I would do RD to closing at both parks and use the “3rd” day to go back to one of the other parks (probably EP). But I know that’s not typical. One possibility is to consider splitting your 3rd day between the two. Here’s one idea:

Day 1: RD at DHS, afternoon break, return for PM shows/activities
Day 2: RD at AK, leave mid-to-late afternoon
Day 3: RD at DHS for re-rides and things you may have missed, afternoon break, hop to AK for re-rides and PM activities.

Cannot really reply to your other questions. But as to this I would pick 2 at AK. HS doesnt appeal to me at all right now

Create TP’s for those days and see what you need most time for. If you want to do everything in both parks you’ll want your 2 days in AK.

Thanks so much! Nice to know that about our dining reservations! We are thinking abut doing Typhoon Lagoon now as well as spending time at the pools, thanks again!

Thanks for your insight! We don’t have Park hoppers so it’ll be one or the other. Every time we’ve been to HS we only seen rides so we are trying to see some more shows. We personally like AK more as well, but we plan to return for Avatar Land so maybe we’ll do 1 day this trip and 2 days at AK on our next trip. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the insight!

I was thinking about making touring plans today, thanks for the help!