October Trip Questions

Hello all, I am getting very deep into planning my trip and I have a few questions. We have me and my wife, the two grandmas, DD 23 and DS’s 16,14,14 in our party and are staying at POR from 10/22-29/16. We also have most ADR’s made with some in/some out of parks.

  1. I have 7 Day Base Tickets and 1 day of MNSSHP. Can we do HS in the morning and go to MNSSHP at night, even thought we don’t have Park Hoppers?
  2. If we cant get into HS, we would do 1 day of HS later in the week on a Crowd 2 day (10/27). What’s the probability of getting a same day FP+ for TSM for around 6 if we use our last pre-booked FP+ at 12?
  3. We will have a break day planned for Tuesday, I am debating in going to AK, Typhoon Lagoon, or even breaking the Disney Barrier (GASP) and doing 2 Universal parks in one day. WWYD?

As of now we have 1.5 days in Epcot, 1 party + a full day at MK, and 1 day at HS and AK each. We would have 2 extra tickets to use so any thoughts planning is appreciated.

To cap this long post of questions off, I would like to thank the chat on the Lines App, this forum and the TouringPlans Website/Unofficial Guide as a whole for all the help they had provided to make our family as magical as it can be!!!

1.) Yes, you can since the MNSSHP is a separate event ticket. It will allow you to enter the Magic Kingdom around 4 PM.

2.) I hate to make guesses about your chances with a FP. I would say with a 2, you’d probably have a pretty good chance especially with that extra track now being open but I wouldn’t guarantee that.

3.) We never leave Disney. Universal has really stepped up their game lately but it still just doesn’t do it for me. After experiencing the Disney magic, Universal just seems… lackluster. Animal Kingdom would be my choice if you don’t have other plans of visiting. It’s really probably the prettiest Disney park. If you do have plans to visit on another day, I’d probably do a water park. EDIT I noticed you said you planned on spending a day at AK so I would probably hit up Typhoon Lagoon and maybe hit up Disney Springs or go play some miniature golf.

Hop you all have a great time!

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My only thought on your third point is this. I’m not sure how much of a break you will be giving yourself if you have to get to Universal and try to get through both parks in 1 day. Of course you have older kids so a day of rest to you may be different than what it means to us with smaller kids. I think @jeremy_patrick makes a pretty good point about Disney Springs, if it were me I would sleep in and hang around the resort at the pool and then probably spend the afternoon/evening at DS.

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Agree with everything @jeremy_patrick said except for #3. After experiencing UOR’s top-tier attractions, WDW just seems… lackluster. WDW’s thrill rides are kiddie rides compared to what UOR has on offer, which is probably a big consideration given your kids’ age range.

That being said, going to UOR for a single day can be quite expensive. Given that you currently have two unused days of WDW tickets, I would probably go to a WDW park on the current break day. You have already paid for it, so why not use it?

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Thanks so much! Now that I know that we can go to HS before MNSSHP, that eliminates the issue with same day FP+ for TSM. One of my sons brought up Universal because he wanted to experience more thrilling roller coasters that they had to offer, but we have a Six Flags near by so maybe I’ll take a weekend there before the trip to quench his desire for thrills! I think we may end up doing a break day with Disney Springs thrown into the mix. Thanks again!

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I think we’ll be taking your suggestion of doing a break day with Disney Springs. It is out of the way and even though the kids might not want a break, I think the grandmas, my wife and I would! :laughing: Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the advice! We have a Six Flags nearby so we may go there this summer for the thrills. We may just take the break day or go to a park, as you stated, since we have the tickets. Thanks!