October Roll Call

10/2-10-5 POP. With sis for Mnsshp and mom for F&W.

Oct 10-18 CBR, AKL, and SSR Party on the 16

POR 17-28! First time at POR

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Ok so far at POR for week of 10/18 : @snuggly_duck, @MotherBoy, @tazbc18 N...maybe an impromptu liner meet at POR?

Oct 1-12 Hilton Bonnet Creek and offsite timeshare. Honeymoon! F&W! First trip ever! So excited!


All Star Music 10/18-10/26

CBR Oct. 6-15. MNSSHP Oct 9. First time visiting in 20 years! DD5 first visit. CAN''T WAIT!!!

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Oct 29-Nov 4. CBR.

Oct 19-25 First time at POR, Gf First time at Disney as an Adult, First time planning a Disney Vaca by myself, excited


Update- Staying at YC 10/25-1029! First time at YC- so excited.

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Oct 21-27 All Star Music - MNSSHP 23

Fast pass nite tonight!

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How did fastpass go for you, were you able to get everything you were looking for? I can do mine on Monday morning.

19th to the 25th at POP. 17th at beach and 18th offsite. MNNSHP on the 22nd.

Sept 26-Oct 1 at POFQ and Oct 1-5 at the Yacht Club, Thinking of going to MNSHHP on Sept 28.

thanks for asking @jlyn it was my first time getting fastpasses. It was open right at midnight. I was not going for A&E, 7DMT was not available when I wanted.

I learned the following. Pick the attractions you want quickly, don’t worry about what times you get when it chooses for you, just take it follow through until you are finished and then begin modifying the times to suit you better from what is available. When you have selected your first three for the day you get to review them when you are done, then use the modify button and look to the right under where it says arrive between you can change the times.

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Which day is you MNSSHP? I know it is not the 22, there is no party that night which is why I have a full MK day planned there.

Oct 21- nov 3 Halloween oct 28

Thanks for the tips @Jedilogray! I was able to make my FPP this morning with no problems.

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@sky we have a mommy/daughter trip Oct 22-27! DD’s 5 and 12. Staying at Pop.

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October 1-8 AoA. MNSSHP 10/2.