October Resort Activity Calendars

Anyone currently staying in the bubble have a resort calendar for October or can you get your hands on one? Are there any Halloween day activities scheduled?

We were at Saratoga Springs last Halloween and they did not provide Halloween activities until the day of and then it was a paper pamphlet. So I don’t think you can really expect that stuff until the 31st. Sorry!

We were there last year on Halloween and I think every resort had events scheduled, which were different at each resort. You don’t have to be staying at that resort to participate either, except for Fort Wilderness. But this year I wouldn’t begin to guess if it will be similar or not. I think I’d just call the hotel directly and ask what they have planned.

I remember finding one on line before a trip in November 2018 for AKL. I just don’t remember how I found it.

I’ve posted links before to a website that publishes them each month. However as far as I know, the resorts aren’t printing paper copies of them at the moment, they just write things up on boards instead, since relatively little is going on and things can change from week to week.

This is the site, with the March guides - the latest ones they have. If you change the month to April and after you get a 404 “page not found” error: