October prices

Why are the ticket prices higher the second week of october only? All of october monday thru thursday the tickets are at the lowest price, except for the second week. does anybody have any idea why?

It’s due to the Columbus Day holiday on 10/9, this is typically a very busy time at Disneyland.

Seems odd that one holiday on a Monday would effect a whole week…is there anything else going on that week?

I bemeive there might also be a convention early that week as well. Does Disney usually adjust their prices for conventions?

It’s fall break for most students in Arizona, so we all usually head over then :slight_smile:

Many school districts now have fall break, and it tends to fall in the second week of October because of the holiday. Fall break at Disney now rivals, and may be as busy as, spring break since more and more schools participate.

well dang, thats when we are planning a trip.

You will be fine, just have good plan, be early to the parks, and buy Maxpass with your tickets. It will still be fun!

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yeah we had annual passes but they expired. so we are going through withdrawls! and cant wait to do GotG. Also cant wait to try out the new maxpass. we have learned how to deal with the crowds in the past. I think Jan 3 was the absolute worst i have ever seen it! As long as its not that bad we will be ok.


We’ve been during both Fall and Spring breaks, and still did everything we wanted with time to spare. The plan will save you. I’ve also recently fallen in love with the Lines app–great real time info for when the plan goes sideways (which seems to happen from time to time). Have fun! :smiley: