October or November 2021 Trip?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to decide between an early October 2021 trip or an early November 2021 trip. I’ve previously been in February, end of April/beginning of May (my favorite so far), June, and September. I’m dying to see the Christmas decorations but I can’t remember if the Halloween decorations were up when we went in September (it was 14 years ago) and those look beautiful too. I’ll be going with my husband, my 12 year old daughter and my oldest son (25) may come along with his girlfriend so trick or treating isn’t a big deal for us. I thought about arriving on Oct 30th and staying through the first week of November but I’m worried the Christmas decorations won’t be up and that it will be super busy for Halloween which would defeat the purpose. I would love any feedback on which you would prefer and why. Has anyone heard when Disney will allow us to book into Oct or Nov 2021?
Thanks in advance!

IME - Christmas decor begins to go up almost immediately after the park closes on Halloween night. They are, typically, fully done around Nov. 4 - 5.

My daughter’s b-day is Nov.2 and we’ve been there for Halloween & her B-day afterwards. It’s fun to watch it transform as they mostly do it overnight.

There is no news about Fall 2021 dates yet. (I’m waiting to book for Dec. 2021!)