October hours?

Does anyone know why there aren’t any published hours yet after September 25th? Is something happening? We are headed to DLR Oct 27 and nothing is there. TIA

Disneyland only publishes hours 6 weeks in advance. I am afraid you are going to have to wait a bit. It can be very frustrating to those used to WDW and all the planning, but it has been this way a long time. You can look at last year’s hours and see what they were, they will be similar.

I’m waiting for the October hours to be posted too. It seems that they may have changed the days a bit for MNSSHP this year, so last year’s hours might not be exactly the same as they will be this year.

They add hours pretty much every day - we are going October 1 - 4 and as of today the hours are up for 1 - 3. Also the Touring Plans predicted hours have been right on so far, and the Halloween party dates are now all up so that helps. I did notice that DCA is open until midnight on some of the nights when DL closes early for the party.