October Fireworks

Hi, I’m planning a trip the first week in October. Is it correct that there typically won’t be nightly fireworks in October? Also, does this mean many rides would be down for maintenance? Thx!

Because of the proximity to homes, during the school year they try to limit the fireworks during the week. Although during October, I believe they have fire works on weeknights for the Halloween Parties, but other than that, it is just weekends. Also they usually don’t have too much down at that time. Rides like SM and HM will go down for the holiday overlay in the beginning of September and SM again in the beginning of November to remove it. HM leaves its overlay for the Christmas season as well. I might be missing something (I am tired), if I did, please feel free to jump in!

The only other thing that regularly goes down in October is it’s a small world (at the end of the month tho) to put up the Christmas overlay by the 2nd weekend in Nov. Going in early Oct you should be safe from reg scheduled refurbs. But yes, fireworks will only be weekends and party nights. This year though, the Halloween party has been rumored to be switching back to DCA so it’s all up in the air.