October deals

we are trying to plan a trip (for 5 of us, teens and adults) in October, staying at cabana bay. Does universal usually have package or ticket deals later on for Fall dates? I am torn between “biting the bullet” and booking now, or holding off to see if they have a better deal later on. Do they ever offer free express passes with packages?

We booked everything a la carte as there really aren’t any good deals. I would book your hotel now and then if a deal comes you can rebook. If you do hotel only - you have a lot of flexibility. If you have ANY interest in express pass - I suggest you book at their deluxe resorts so you get that as part of the room.

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What David said. Last trip, we did a split stay, 3 days at Royal Pacific and 3 at Cabana. You have express pass usage on the day you check in AND until closing the day you check out.

And, if you are going to stay at one of the resorts with EP, I would definitely book sooner rather than later. I went in October last year and by the time I made the decision that I wanted to stay at RPR, it was completely booked. Probably because of HHN, which runs throughout certain days in October. Granted, my trip was not planned as thoroughly as yours was, so you probably still have some time.

I actually rebooked Portafino 3 times. Ended up with a great deal - but my first booking would have been fine.

So, if we book one night at hard rock, and the rest of the days at cabana bay, we would have express passes for the entire stay?

No, only until park closing of the day you check out of Hard Rock. To clarify, you would have two days of express pass usage for one night at Hard Rock, the day you check in, and the day you check out.

We used the last days at Cabana Bay to visit Legoland and enjoy the lazy river at Cabana Bay.

oh, i see. lol. thank you for clarifying.

Lego land was GREAT. We went about 4 years ago (my parents took me there when it was Cyprus Gardens). It was small, clean and the staff was great. Perfect for little kids