October Closed Attractions

Last October that theatre was packed. I would hope they wouldn’t cancel a show that gets such high attendance!! I love FOTLK!!

All are showing up on my date of October 22nd when I just optimized my touring plan.

I currently have a FPP for Festival of the Lion King scheduled on November 13. Also, on MDE, both UP! and Finding Nemo are available to book FPP as well, so I can confirm that these attractions will not be closed at that time.

All fine here for October 23rd! The Winged Encounters showtimes have disappeared but everything else seems fine.

Also feeling the MNSSHP problem - we are doing the party on 21st, but are also having to park hop from HS on 16th to do OUAT+HEA+Nighttime JC (closed during parties). So we’re then doing an evening at HS on 15th to get in F!+SWAGS+Nighttime SDD…