October Closed Attractions

According to The Dibb website, Festival of the Lion King, UP! and Finding Nemo are all going to be closed starting September 29th. Does anyone know when these attractions will open back up? The website is currently showing closed through the 90 day mark - October 15th.

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I would be so sad to miss FOTLK on our trip in October. I hope this is not true!

Same here. I just attempted to book the FOTLK Signature Dining Package and reservations stop on September 29th. Our trip is planned for end of the October and really wanted to see this.

Same. Going in November and hoping to see it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Sept 29th is the day I was planning on being in AK. I just can’t with this Sept trip. So many things have been thrown in to mess up my plans since I started planning. UGH!!

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I just optimized my AK plans for Oct. 28 and Nov. 1 and Lion King and Finding Nemo are still there.

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With all the hype about the CGI Lion King, I would be SHOCKED if they took it down soon.

Seen it so many times, it’s time for a new festival of something else. BTW Nemo has now been found and Dory is the new Star. :crazy_face:

I just remembered that Len did mention that UP was getting a rewrite so maybe someone over at the Dibb is confused. I certainly hope so!


I’ve been watching for the FOTLK Signature Dining Package to appear on the October booking calendar for months now. Noboby, I mean nobody from the resort GM’s office down to the CM who answers at WDW Dine could give a reason why it wasn’t posting. Now I see why. I can’t believe how twisted planning for this trip has become. I’m especially annoyed that MNSSHP runs 4 of the 7 nights I am booked. That totally eats up a large chunk of available evening hours in MK.

I thought the FOTLK dining package was a trial thing that might or might not continue.

I absolutely agree with re: MNSSHP! 6 of the nights we’re there have MNSSHP nights. Between that and SWGE, ALL of my normal planning mojo is completely off!

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The name of the game is MONEY and as long as people are willing to pay for time they have already paid for, Disney will be more than happy to take it. Star Wars is making them a good amount of money as they don’t have to put out the discounts especially during the opening year.

Do you have a link to the post on the Dibb?

Its showing on the 90 day FP availability for Animal Kingdom via The Dibb website. I’m not sure if the below link will work or not since it’s based on my login.


Interestingly, I can see dates posted as available to book through December, but can’t find a single date/time where there is a table available…

I could be wrong, but I thought the reason the dining package for FOTLK was going away because there is a new “Lion King” dining experience at JIKO (no it doesn’t include seeing FOTLK viewing). But if Lion King show is closing, it is still showing up as open for October 16 in Touring Plans. So I don’t get it

I still say with the movie coming out I do not see them closing the show…

But they just put out a bunch of discounts for the fall.

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