October afternoon at EP, best strategy to accommodate Soarin and FEA

Can someone please help me with my EP touring plan? There are 5 disney adults and 1 one year old in our party at the time of our trip 10/12/18 (this is a Friday night, which may impact w/F&W). We will only have one afternoon beginning at 2pm to experience EP. We would like to experience, Soarin, FEA, Living with the Land, Test Track, Spaceship Earth and Illuminations. We are also hoping to enjoy a leisurely walk through World Showcast that includes dinner sampling from F&W booths. Our preference would be to experience Future World first and then World Showcase.

As far as I can tell, there are three options that might work.
1-luckily get a 4th FPP for FEA for late night.
2-wait for FEA just prior to illuminations (looks like an hour wait :frowning:)
3-use rider swap to divide our FPP between Soarin (3 FPP) and FEA (2 FPP).

I have read that Soarin has had day of FPP lately, but can’t find any info on when FEA is running out of FPP these days.

A link to the latest version of my plan is here. FYI, we will use SR and RS for TT. Thanks for all your help!


#3 is probably your best bet. In fact, I don’t think there’s a downside unless some cast member incorrectly demands that both ride swap parties have FP’s.

Thanks Andy! Does anyone have any current information about how they’re handling rider swap/FPP? I know I saw some comments that seemed like they were insisting that everyone in the party have FPP, at least at FOP.