October 7-14; Days? EP? Not interested in HHN


Orlando Informer lists this as a slow period and Touring Plans lists most days between 5-7 (we’d aim for the “5” days).

Kids are 7 & 9, mostly interested in HP. We may or may not be toting grandparents along. We went to US Hollywood last summer so any of the duplicates aren’t make-or-break.

We are rope drop people but kids are usually done by early evening and not interested in HHN anyway, so early part closures aren’t a problem.

Depending on reviews, we are debating getting 3-4 day passes to include Volcano Bay.

We have a free Hilton timeshare so not staying on property but thought about booking 1 night for EP (depending on #or people and cost-effectiveness).

Without an express pass and doing volcano bay - I would probaby do 4 days. We were able to do the park in 2 1/2 using EP. We are the same way rope drop but leave early. If you are staying off site and that isn’t an added expense I would probably do 4 days so you have 3 solid days in the park.