October 20th-27th

Hi, thanks in advance to all the responses. We have a trip planned for October 20th-27th. Based on the crowd tracker, it appears that it would be best to visit Epcot on Saturday the 20th. Is that accurate considering the Food and Wine Fest at Epcot? I would think the weekends would make Epcot a little more crowded during the weekends because of locals, but I’ve never need to Disney World during Food and Wine Fest.

Thanks again.

Crowd levels are based on wait times for rides, but doesn’t take the feel of the crowd into account. I’d definitely avoid EP at weekend during F&W, it will be very crowded. To be perfectly honest, I ignore crowd levels - as long as you’ve got a plan you can do on a CL9 day what 90% of visitors will do on a CL3 day.

I agree with @missoverexcited. Avoid the F&W on the weekends–it gets crazy.

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Thanks for the responses. Would Wednesday be the best/better to go to Epcot based on crowd levels?

Looking at your week it looks like mostly CL 4s and 5s. There’s really not a huge difference between those two levels. It does look with there are EMH in the evening on Tuesday–not sure if you are staying on property.