October 2020 Thoughts?

Good Morning Friends!

We would like to go to Disney in October 2020 but I keep seeing the reports that October crowds have been getting heavier each year. We were looking at the last week in October (10/26/20 - 10/30/20) and when looking at the historical crowds it seems that the last week has remained fairly reasonable. Any one have any options/thoughts/helpful advice?

Of course, I plan to be armed with a positive attitude and a great touring plan, so I know crowds levels aren’t that important. I guess I’m looking to gain some confidence in my choice before booking! :slight_smile:

As always, thank you for all your awesome knowledge! It is much appreciated.

We did late October in 2016, and crowds were great. A lot of walk-ons, etc. But I, too, have heard that due to changes at Disney, even with low crowds, wait times have increased.

Lines bother me less than crowds in general, though, so there’s that.

We were there for 10/27 - 10/30 last year and crowds were pretty low. The weather was wonderful as well. Our other trips have been in May and I much preferred late October!

We’ve done an October trip twice now and it is my favorite time to go! Crowds are very manageable and weather is generally great!