October 2019 Trip Report: I Want to be Where the People Aren’t

My parents, cousin (DC), and I were at WDW from 10/5-10/12. We’d been planning this trip for over a year and it was (mostly) great! I went last minute to WDW in June, but my parents hadn’t been since Oct 2017 and DC since July 2017. My parents are frequent Disney visitors because of my and my sister’s obsessions, but they often get confused between what’s in WDW and what’s in DLR (they’d been to DLR 3 times since our last WDW trip, a tough problem to have). This was DC’s 4th trip so she is not as familiar, but she was looking forward to it being without children, since her last one was with our cousin and his two kids and they all shared a BLT studio :joy:

Saturday, 10/5: We left 40 degree Mass and arrived in 90 degree Florida (which may sound great to some people, but I am not a fan of the heat!!) around 2:45pm. We chose to get our bags ourselves since we were going to Epcot that night and wanted to change, so we went to terminal A baggage claim, got our bags, then schlepped back across to terminal B for DME. This is where we had our first hiccup. We were in a line that seemed like it wasn’t moving, so my dad said we should switch to this shorter line at the end. Well, of course then that line doesn’t move. The CM at the desk was calling an airline looking for bags, so we stood there waiting for what seemed like forever. Literally a family of 13 from the UK (so didn’t even have magicbands yet), who hadn’t even arrived to the DME lines when we switched, went through their line faster than us! Finally a second CM came out and helped us and it took literally 30 seconds. We then waited maybe 10 minutes for the bus to come and were finally on our way!

We were the first stop (bus was going to CSR and AKL) and arrived at CSR I believe around 4:15pm. We had done online check-in but hadn’t received our room numbers, so we went to the lobby to check in. The lobby was super nice but a bit confusing because there wasn’t a formal line for the check-in desk, just a bunch of people kind of standing around. A CM came up to us and asked what we needed, then took us over to the other side of the lobby to get us checked in on his iPad. He was very nice, but honestly looked 14 and I wanted to take over and do it myself because he was sooooo slow. We were watching the clock because we were starving and wanted to eat, but also needed to be in Epcot to use our FEA FPP that was good through 7:20pm. He finally got us checked in, then went to get maps and disappeared for a while. We then saw our room numbers in MDE (he hadn’t told us them yet) and I was ready to bail, but of course then he comes walking back :joy: He had maps of CSR, which again was nice, but was asking things like “Is it ok if I put a “J” on this map so you know which room it’s for?” Seriously, why would that be an issue, it’s a paper map! And we were two doors away, we didn’t need two maps!! Once we got through that, he asked if we needed a golf cart to take us and our luggage to the room, but I was not about to wait for anyone else so we walked! It wasn’t too bad but it was hot out and we got a bit confused finding the elevator, but we finally made it to our rooms at 4:45pm.

We were given rooms 4445 and 4447 in Casitas, which met all of our requests from the TP room request (same building, Casitas, 4th floor, away from elevators). We really liked the look of the updated rooms and liked our location. The bus stop (first stop for the parks- which is why I wanted Casitas) was a minute walk from our building and the QS was about 5, which worked for us.

We got changed then went to eat at El Mercado quickly before heading off to Epcot. This was also a bit confusing at first. There were what looked like registers at each station, which we’ve never seen before at a resort food court, so we thought you had to pay there. Turns out they just input your order, then give you a receipt that you bring to the cashier that they can scan, but then the cashier told us we didn’t need them, so why do they do it in the first place! Throughout our trip, they only did it sometimes so I still don’t get the point. We picked out our mugs and I think we all got burgers and chicken tenders, which were fine and nothing special. I was excited they had the Halloween mugs! After eating, we took the bridge back to our room, which felt quicker (we never determined if it actually was, but used this way a lot).

When we got back to our rooms, I told my dad to call about having our Prime Now order delivered (we got 3 cases of water among other things that we weren’t carrying). They told him that they would only deliver it if they were in the room and that it was currently a 30 minute wait. Is this a new policy? I’ve never heard of it before and it was annoying because we didn’t have the time to spend waiting. I get them wanting a tip, but they already added the $6 delivery charge so if that’s the issue, up the charge or something. Needless to say, he didn’t have them deliver it then since we had places to be.

We were at the bus stop around 6:20pm and must not have waited long because we were inside Epcot at 6:47 per my time stamp. At the bus stop though, we did get to see the love bugs for the first time and they are gross! We didn’t see much of them in the parks but they were definitely all over the hotel.

Once through the taps at Epcot, we made our way right to FEA, walking past all the drunks at F&W since it was a Saturday night. Jk, literally did not see any issues. I know a lot of people don’t like FEA, but we do! Especially DC who absolutely loves Olaf. He wasn’t skating this night though which was disappointing because he was just stuck in one position. Once we were off FEA, we were going to go to the bakery in France, but the line was ridiculous so we went to L’Artisan des Glaces instead. My mom and DC had the mango sorbet and my dad and I were both getting the mixed berry sorbet, but he changed his mind at the last minute when he saw the yogurt and blueberries flavor. What I don’t like about this place is that you have to order before you can see the flavors in the case! My dad ended up having enough time to change his because he saw it before they scooped his, but it’d be nice if you could see them before ordering. Anyways, he shouldn’t have changed because he said his wasn’t good :joy::joy: The rest of us really liked ours though!

We then used up our tier 2 FPPs at Nemo and SE before calling it a night and taking the bus back to CSR. We made it out before the fireworks in an attempt to avoid crowds and we had a full day at Epcot planned for later in the week. We were back to our rooms around 10pm and my dad called bell services again about getting our Prime Now delivered, but this time it was an hour wait that ended up being 90 minutes. Super annoying because my parents had to stay up waiting and they needed their rest for MK!!

Up next is our first MK day!


Great start and photos! Love the report name :joy:

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Sunday, 10/6: Our first full day was at MK! CL was predicted to be a 1 as it was a party day, but we (ok, I) still wanted to get there early (especially after reading what everyone else could get done during the EEMH). We were aiming to be at the park before 8am (have to set realistic goals) and were out the door at 7am (still dark!)

Then we played the waiting game as 3 EP, 2 AK, and 2 HS buses came before MK did. It was at least a 25 min wait, then we had to go around to all the stops at CSR, then make our way to MK. By the time we were through the lines at bag check and got our locker (that the rest of them needed), we were walking down Main Street at 8:10am.

Can you tell which side of the family my cousin’s from (and which side is more vertically challenged)?? :rofl:

We had FPPs for Space/Buzz (DC is the only brave one/non-motion sickness getter), BTMRR, and Splash so we decided to do Pirates and HM first. On our way to Pirates, JC was listed as 5 mins so we stopped there and it was a walk-on. I hate waiting in this queue (too hot!) so this was nice. We had a good skipper and the people next to us were cracking up, but the rest of the boat was dull (lame). We then went to Pirates where I think we only waited a few mins, and where we started pretending we were in separate parties when we got to boarding. This all started years ago when they would try to put my family of 4 (me, my parents, and my sister) into one row on rides like Pirates, where we clearly would not fit. My dad alone is 6’4” and his legs take up half the row!! The worst was on IASW, they tried to put us in the FRONT and when we tried to tell them we wouldn’t fit in one row, the CM told us yes we would because they were made to fit 4 :roll_eyes: So we had to show them that we wouldn’t fit and only then did they let us split into two rows. So after that fiasco, it’s easier to just say 2 and 2 and if we get on separate boats it’s not an issue.

Once on Pirates, we all completely missed the picture, and my mom looks legit bored out of her mind in it :joy: As soon as we got off it started pouring, and of courseeee my parents’ ponchos were in the locker!! DC wanted to buy a Disney poncho anyways so she got one in the Pirates gift shop (I had my umbrella) and then we waited for the rain to lighten and then made a move. Then it started raining again, so my dad took my umbrella back to the front of the park to get the ponchos while we waited in Adventureland. By the time he got back, everyone wanted a snack but we were getting very close to the end of our first FPP window so we did those first instead.

We dropped DC off at Space and the rest of us went to Buzz, which my mom then declared she really has no interest in it (we like TSMM way better!). Afterwards, we got drinks and donuts at Joffrey’s and I got popcorn from one of the stands.

We then used our BTMRR FPP, where the people in front of us were going through the FPP line with their plaid, how nice! We had Splash afterwards, but it was down so it converted to an anytime FPP. I got an Under the Sea FPP so we did that next, then had some time to kill before our BOG reservation so we did Philharmagic.

Our BOG reservation was at 11:40 and we got there a little late (I think it was 11:48) and then proceeded to wait forever and ever before we actually ate. This was our first time there and we preordered so we got put in that line, while those who hadn’t ordered yet kept going in while we stood outside. The CM commented that the preorders were unusually slow (yay). Once we got inside we waited some more, then finally got up to confirm our order and had to turn in our rose because they were having “technical difficulties”. Because of this, someone had to seat us and then tell the kitchen where we were sitting. What could possibly go wrong?

My mom and cousin went to the bathroom while we were paying because they figured this was going to take a while too, but then we were ready to sit and they were still gone. The CM who sat us was interesting to say the least, and wouldn’t seat us without them because even he gets lost every time he goes into the dining rooms (someone please tell me how they picked him to do the seating then?!). Once we were all there he walked us into the main dining room and took us to two open two-person tables and asked my mom if we were okay sitting at these two tables pushed together or “if we would like to continue the tour”? We just sat there because we couldn’t be with him any longer and then he disappeared to tell the kitchen our table. Then we waited at least another 20 mins before we got our food, all while watching CMs wander aimlessly around with food looking for the right tables. Our food finally came at 12:42 so about an hour after we checked in (they really put the quick in quick service) and we were beyond starving. I had the croque monsieur, which was pretty good but I would’ve liked it better on different bread. Everyone else had the turkey sandwich. My dad got it without the Dijon and wanted regular yellow mustard instead. He asked the CM when we confirmed our order and he said to tell the person who delivered our food, so he asked her and she said it was available by the drinks, so he went over there and a CM had to help him because it’s kept under the counter (and not in packets). Just another thing that seems like it should be simple but took so long. Anyways, they all thought the turkey was good and my mom loved the vegetables she got with hers, but that could’ve been because she was so hungry :rofl:

While we were in line, my dad had mentioned that the teacups were down, so I hurried to try to modify our next FPPs to that. I got closer times by splitting us into 2 and 2 and sure enough they converted! Shortly after it was back up so we didn’t get any others, but still not bad and something I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t read it here!

We now had 2 anytime FPPs and Splash was still down, so I made us a FPP for IASW, then we used our 2 anytimes on Dumbo (I know we probably could’ve gotten one after IASW but we wanted to ride them back to back and then leave) and HM, which we never got to earlier in the day. In the IASW line, I explained to DC once again that Universal was not part of Disney and no, there would not be anything HP related in the gift shop :joy::joy: I always wonder how people don’t understand the difference but I see now! After those rides, we grabbed some frozen bananas and Mickey bars and were forced to follow the parade out of the park by the fire station, even though we had to go to the locker, lucky us! (It was after 2pm so the party entrance was in full swing)

We went back to CSR and rested before our dinner at Raglan Road. Here’s a funny story: we were originally only going to DS one night and were deciding between Homecomin’ (which we’ve been to once) and RR. I read my parents the menus and my dad said he didn’t really love the idea of anything on the RR menu, so we decided on Homecomin’. Fast forward a few weeks to ADR day and there weren’t any LTT reservations for this day when we wanted it, so we talked about going to DS for dinner and my dad suggests RR :expressionless: Guess who didn’t remember they had vetoed that before!!

We took the bus to DS and wandered around before our reservation time (which we had done through Open Table). We got my sister, who we left at home to educate her 3rd graders, a Vera Bradley lanyard with one of the Disney patterns and then watched some of the strolling piano. We like DS way more than Downtown Disney, which I know this also gets some hate, but maybe it’s because we also love to shop! We were seated close to our reservation time in a high top right outside of the bar. It wasn’t the best view for all of us of the stage, but pretty easy for us to move around to see them.

We absolutely loved eating here! The entertainment was great and the food was delicious. The bread and dip was amazing, then I had the boaring burger (omg so good), my dad had the regular burger, and my mom and DC had the braised be beef. Then I made them get Ger’s bread and butter pudding for dessert after reading so many good things about it (despite us being full) and it was maybe the best thing I’ve ever had. No joke. I’m dreaming of it now :relieved:

Then off to walk the looooong way around to the CSR bus stop and to bed for Universal tomorrow (where HP actually is!!)!


It sounds like you had a wonderful time in the most magical place. It seems that you need to be a bit of a parent with your parents to make sure things go the way you know they need to. I’m lucky. My good buddy is joining me on a Disney trip next week and just counts on me telling him what to do. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your time there. One of these days I’ll have to experience Raglan Road. Everyone has such good things to say.

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The Braised be Beef is my favourite!


Thanks for sharing…I love when trip report have photos…
Love the look of the modern bathroom at the resort…Did it have a walk-in shower or the usual shower tub combo?

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It was the shower tub combo (I feel like I’ve read some rooms are shower only but could be wrong). It did have the double shower heads though which was nice, the rain shower and the handheld.

Monday, 10/7: We slept in more this morning, went to El Mercado for breakfast (Mickey waffles!) and then took an Uber to Universal, arriving around 10am. The park had been open for 2 hours at this point but there still weren’t too many people.

The purpose of us going to Universal was for DC, who had never been and loves HP (and is way more adventurous than us). My parents and I had last been in 2016. We only did one park because $$$ and decided on US (though DC was wanting to do all the IOA rides, but it was ultimately her choice!). I had read that everyone does HP first thing in the morning so to avoid that, we went later but we should’ve just gone right away.

We headed to ET first, which we all enjoyed, then we saw Patrick was meeting so we had to stop and meet him! DC and I can quote more Spongebob than we probably care to admit…

We then went to MIB, which I remembered as being a fun shooting game (oops). 3 of us had bags, which I know is more of a problem at Universal than Disney, but only DC was going to be riding the big rides so we were just going to hold hers while she did that. We all were riding MIB though, so we went to the lockers and tried to scan our tickets (which we bought through the app) repeatedly on different scanners without it working until my dad finally found a worker and was told “oh you can’t scan that” :roll_eyes: and then gave us a card to scan instead. Apparently it’s too difficult to add a sign that says only physical tickets can be scanned.

We got on MIB and then I remembered that it spun :grimacing: We all survived but the last spin where they whip you around over and over affected all of us (ginger tabs to the rescue!). While my parents were being nauseated, I remembered to press the red button and won :joy:

We had done the virtual queue for Jimmy Fallon and were in our time range, so we went there next. We love Jimmy Fallon and enjoyed watching the clips before the ride, but I ignorantly did not realize it was motion odyssey (oops again). Guess I never looked that one up! My mom survived by closing her eyes :upside_down_face:

We went to Mel’s Diner for lunch which we’ve been to before, but this was the worst experience we’ve had. I was waiting at the table so I didn’t see what was happening with the orders, but apparently my dad was about to jump behind the counter and do it himself :joy: We all got chicken fingers and a fountain drink ($4.99 and no refills - yikes), so you’d think putting 4 chicken fingers on a tray wouldn’t be that difficult. But apparently they put 3 chicken fingers on, then switched to filling other peoples orders (who also had chicken fingers), while ours sat there, then they took one of our chicken fingers off to give to someone else?! I don’t know what kind of system this was :thinking: But my dad literally told the woman to put them back and give us another chicken finger order before moving onto another order (he was a manager at McDonald’s at 17 for a reason :joy::joy:). When we left, there was a guy standing outside asking if we’d like to share our experiences through a survey so my parents did that. He said they usually put them outside of restaurants when there are a lot of complaints so figures!

DC then did the Mummy (she said it was a lot of fun) then we all did Shrek 4D. DC had been debating doing Rip Ride Rockit and we watched it for a while, but in the end she thought it’d make her sick so she skipped it. I, on the other hand, thought it looked like a torture device :woman_shrugging:t2:

We then finally went to Diagon Alley! We walked by King’s Cross earlier and DC was like …that’s it? Before she realized there was an inside! We wandered through all the shops while DC explained what things were, then we were going to get ice cream but the line was out the door, so we got frozen Butterbeers instead yummmm

We shopped some more while DC tried to decide what she wanted to buy (almost settled on a niffler) and then she got in the single rider line for Gringotts. This is why we should’ve gone first thing in the morning because it was a 30 min wait then and was now up to 90 in the regular line, but oh well. She loved this ride too! And wished she could have done the HP rides in IOA as well, so we said she needs to come back with more fun people than us to ride them with :joy:

We had a reservation at Antojito’s for 7:15 that we changed to 5:30 because we were done for the day and there was plenty of availability. We really liked it here, the chips were good, food was good, my mom liked her margarita, and there was a mariachi band that came out and performed! We then called an Uber back to the hotel (where our driver told us we really should get FPPs for SDD- yes, thank you I did that 62 days ago) and then called it a night :sleeping:


I had also read this advice about skipping HP in the morning, and it also proved not to be true for me either. If I go again I will plan to RD.


Tuesday, 10/8: Today we were up bright and early for a PPO GG at Epcot! We did double days at Epcot and MK early in the week to get FPPs for HS and AK at the end of the week, which worked out for us. This was our first PPO breakfast ever! We had been to GG before for dinner but never for breakfast. We took an Uber and I think were picked up around 7:15. There were a few other families waiting at bag check and they didn’t open it until 7:45. We then got in the breakfast reservation line, where we definitely had an advantage coming from the rideshare/parking bag check versus the bus bag check line on the other side of the entrance. They let us in at 7:50 and this was our view at 7:51:

We were the 5th family at GG and were seated immediately at one of the tables in the upstairs portion. DC and I ended up switching seats because she was facing backwards and said it was making her dizzy, but going forwards you couldn’t feel it at all. Our server was awesome and asked us if we were trying to go to Soarin’, to which we obviously said yes!

We met all the characters (some more than once), ate a lot of food, got extra Mickey waffles and bacon (the essentials), and were in line at Soarin’ waiting to board at 8:50. We were given A1 and there were other people in B1 already (I don’t think there were enough seats left for us), so we didn’t bother asking to switch. Plus we enjoyed laughing at the curved buildings! And we were on the first ride of the day!

As we left, we passed the RD crowd swarming in and rope dropped… the bathrooms! We then stepped it up and did LTWL :smile: Then we went to the Ghiradelli shop (RIP circle of life) which I think they were trying to pass off as a museum? After getting our free sample (my fav- dark chocolate sea salt caramel), we were heading towards TT which we had a 9:25 FPP for.

On our way, we stopped at the Character Spot and did Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy in their temporary location and then Baymax, all with minimal waits.

DC said Baymax pushed her in front of him with his inflatable hand :joy:

We then went to TT, then over to the Imagination pavilion to use up our tier 2s. First was our FPP for the Pixar Film Festival (could they at least pretend this gives you an advantage instead of being the exact same entrance as everyone else!). We were talking about how much we missed Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and how apparently one time we got VIP seating because my dad worked with people from Kodak :joy: We did Figment right after (modified it to be right away) then headed over to the World Showcase.

We weren’t very hungry as we were still full from breakfast but it was also getting super hot out, so we got frozen margaritas because why not drink before 12pm? (It was like 11:58am :wink:) My sister had texted me earlier in the week saying to get the Winnie the Pooh margarita in Mexico which I hadn’t heard of, but it’s the fiesta margarita without the lime (so just strawberry and mango). We all got one so we ordered 4 Poohs because we are immature :grin:

We drank them inside the Mexico pavilion while our paper straws deteriorated :neutral_face:

We then went around the World Showcase some more and tried a few (as in 2) F&W items before we melted. My dad and I had the filet from Canada which we both liked and DC had the poutine from Refreshment Port (she didn’t care for the cheese curds).

I had gotten TT FPPs after a lot of refreshing, but we were too hot and tired to use them so we changed them to Soarin’ for later that night and then took an Uber back to CSR. The Uber driver didn’t have the AC on for the entire ride, despite my dad loudly exclaiming as he got in “boy, is it humid out there!” and me using my portable fan the entire ride, but somehow we survived.

While we were at the hotel, it started raining and I saw TT was down so I split us into 2 and 2 again and modified a bunch until I had relatively close TT FPPs and they ended up converting, yay! So then I rescheduled Soarin’ for that night so we could do both TT and Soarin’.

We had an ADR for Via Napoli at 6:35pm and were back inside the park at 5:30, so we headed to TT.

After TT, we headed to Via Napoli where we had a minimal wait. We love the pizza here and go every trip! Our server was great, but she asked if we wanted bread and we said sure, and then she asked if we wanted the regular or the garlic bread, explaining that the garlic bread was made in house while the regular wasn’t (because DC has a nut allergy) so we went with the garlic bread (which is the focaccia), and I was pretty sure it was an upcharge but from the way she described it sounded included! So after she left my mom totally thought it was included and then we were cracking up when the bill came and it was $4.50 :money_mouth_face: (totally breaking the bank) It was very good though!!

My parents and I split a large pizza, we did half Carciofi and half margherita, and DC had spaghetti. We also did the family style salad. The pizza was good as usual and we liked the Carciofi, but it could’ve used less truffle oil.

We wandered around WS some more and watched a minute of 98 Degrees at Eat to the Beat. I wanted to try the orange slush from France and it was really good, better than the frosé I had in June. Everyone else got dole whips at the Refreshment Port.

Our plan was to watch the Epcot Forever fireworks in Norway, then try to get one more ride on FEA with a minimal wait (we never ended up using our Soarin’ FPP). Fireworks were supposed to be at 9 then there were EMH until 11. We were standing in Norway and nothing was happening, then maybe at 9:15 they finally made an announcement that it was delayed, so we decided to just go on FEA then. I think it was posted as a 30 min wait but we only waited 11 mins. Once we were done, the fireworks still hadn’t gone off and the announcements just kept saying “technical difficulties”. We did Gran Fiesta in Mexico on our way out. No one checked magicbands on either ride, despite being in EMH, so not sure if that was because of the fireworks delay? By the time we were at the bus stop it was 10:10 and still no fireworks! They weren’t officially cancelled until 10:45, so luckily we didn’t wait. Then it was off to bed where we got to sleep in for real!


Love the matching shirts! The orange slush is my favourite!


Wednesday, 10/9: Today we slept in, got breakfast at El Mercado, and then went to the Dig Site pool. It was overcast but not rainy and there weren’t too many people in the pool so it was nice!

We hung out here for a few hours, got some drinks (I had the Cancun Colada - yum), then went back to El Mercado to grab lunch before getting ready to head out for the day.

Our plan for the day was MK to use our FPPs and watch HEA. Since it was one of the non-party nights, we knew it was going to be crowded so we didn’t want to be there all day.

Earlier in the week when we were at MK and got our anytime FPPs, they excluded meeting Mickey, PP, and 7DMT, and those were our FPPs for today! We took the bus to MK and arrived a little after 3 and went to Town Square Theater to meet Mickey (where thankfully I told my dad in line he no longer talked because he was going to say something!!). We didn’t have a long wait, but we did get to watch the most precious interaction in front of us with Mickey and a Make a Wish family. There was a 5 year old boy wearing an I’m celebrating button and it said “finishing chemo” and Mickey spent a lot of time telling him how strong he was :sob: We then managed to get our pics with him without shedding a tear!

As we were walking down Main St, the Main Street Philharmonic started playing so we watched their entire set and it was really good!

We then made our way over to Fantasyland for our next two FPPs, but with a stop at Storybook Treats first. DC and I both really wanted to try to Arendelle Aqua cone since a) it’s pretty and b) we like cotton candy ice cream. We got in line, ordered (my mom got the Maleficent cone with the lime dole whip and my dad got a strawberry sundae), then were waiting at the pickup window when they handed out an Arendelle Aqua cone, so we took it as we were the only ones there. Then they called out for a Peter Pan float, which we didn’t get, nor did the people now waiting next to us. So then we had to wait while they tried to figure out who had this order and they continued calling it out while no one came. So they moved onto our order, and then we noticed the people in front of us were waiting around the corner without their food, so we were pretty sure it was their order that they were calling out so we let them know. It was theirs, the woman was flabbergasted because she said they told her to wait over there (on the other side of the building?), so lesson learned is pay attention to your surroundings, especially when there is a window that says “pickup”!!! Anyways, we all enjoyed ours (except the Mickey sugar cubes, which are cute but I don’t know who needs to eat straight sugar)!

We then headed to our PP FPP at the end of our window, so we went to 7DMT right after. This was DC’s first time on 7D and she loved it! We all wish it was longer though. We saw a bunch of people when we were going in and leaving at the 7D FPP line trying to tap in and being turned away because they were too early.

While we were in line for 7DMT, I grabbed a Splash FPP for 9pm (so we would do it after HEA) since we hadn’t done it the other day, and then was able to modify it to 6:25pm, so we had about an hour to kill before that. DC wanted to see the character statues around the hub so we headed over there, then took some pictures by the side of the castle.

When it was time for our Splash FPP, we were those people and put on our ponchos! It was actually really nice weather this day, it stayed overcast so it was not nearly as hot as it had been other days with the sun beating down. So an extra reason to not want to get wet! We actually had to wait a while because as we were about to board, the ride stopped. There weren’t any announcements (at least that we could hear) but a CM nearby said there’s a squirrel that likes to run around and triggers the ride to stop so it was probably that. Once we got on and went down the big drop, we were dying laughing because my dad’s hood flew off, and he yanked it back up, and by doing that put a huge rip in the back of his poncho :rofl::rofl: The picture is before the incident :grin:

We then went to Cosmic Ray’s for an unsatisfying dinner. My mom and I shared the roast chicken, which was very difficult to do on a paper plate using plastic utensils and it was just meh. So we went to the Lunching Pad after and got pretzels! I had the cream cheese one and it’s soooo good :yum:

By this point it was about 8:15 and HEA was at 9, so we went into the hub to find a spot to watch. We ended up with a slightly obstructed view from a light post, but it wasn’t too bad and we weren’t too crowded. Though a man did try to go through the crowd shortly before the show started with a tray with uncovered sodas on it :grimacing: No room for that!! This was my parents first time seeing HEA and DC’s first time seeing it up close. Everyone loved it!

We had a Pirates FPP for after the fireworks since the park was open until 10, so we waited a bit for the crowds to disperse then made our way over there. We tried to be ready for the picture this time but it didn’t happen. It literally went off right after we said we had to be ready and then turned our heads :joy: We were going to stop by the Confectionary on our way out, but OUAT was ending and we wanted to beat those crowds so we went to the bus instead.

It was super annoying because two CSR buses were there at the same time which was great at first because we definitely would have made the second bus. But nooooo, they split the line up to make the front of the line get on the first bus and the middle of the line get on the second bus. Well when there was more room on the first bus, where do they pull from? The back! So people who got there way after us got right on the bus and we got the pleasure of waiting another 15 mins for the next bus to come! Then it was off to bed before HS in the morning!


I never finished this and I want to so here are the highlights of our last days!

Thursday, 10/10: We arrived at HS sometime after 9am and went straight to Olaf as he is DC’s favorite. Waited 30+ mins for him, but we got our warm hugs!

Then to Frozen to use our FPPs for the 10:30am show in the nice AC. Then to TSL, it was everyone else’s first time. Used our FPP for SDD where the posted was 90 and we waited less than 10. Super fun!

Tried the raspberry poptart at Woody’s (not bad) while trying not to melt from the lack of shade. Then I suggested we just go ahead and wait standby for TSMM since the queue is mostly indoors. Wrong! We waited close to 70 mins and were not let inside until maybe the last 25 :weary: (there was plenty of room in there, too). I got the high score in our car though :upside_down_face:

Ate lunch at Backlot, then headed to Galaxy’s Edge to attempt MSFR. SWGE is… not for us. We aren’t Star Wars fans so was not expecting much but it won’t be somewhere we’ll be spending a lot of time. MSFR was posted 90 so we tried to do single rider, but when I asked the CM at the entrance she said “I don’t know if there is single rider right now” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So we bailed and exited through TSL (seems so much happier compared to SWGE!) and then shopped some on our way out of the park.

We accomplished a lot that day, two whole rides! But we were suuuuper hot and DC was not feeling well enough for ToT or RNRC (though I was able to get her a same day FPP for one or the other before she made up her mind). Back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

We took the bus to DS again, this time for Homecomin’! My parents and I had been here two years prior and liked the food but had an odd waiter (he laughed at me when I ordered a drink but then didn’t ask to see my ID?). This time the food was still good and our waitress was great! I had the white peach sangria which was very good and then to eat, we started with the fried green tomatoes (yummmm), my dad and I got the fried chicken sandwiches, and my mom and DC got the thigh high chicken biscuits and each got a side. Way too much food but it was all delicious.

Walked around and shopped after eating and ended up in Goofy’s Candy Kitchen where I got my first Disney caramel apple! We had the CM cut it and then ate it back at the hotel.

Friday, 10/11: Today was our last park day at AK! Arrived and went straight to use our FPP at FOP. This was also a first for everyone else. My mom is the most prone to motion sickness but she survived! We did all have a ginger tab before riding though :grin: They all liked it, but it was super blurry for me again. I don’t know if it’s because I was in the first seat or because I was wearing my glasses, but it’s difficult to enjoy when you’re trying to get yourself eyes to focus the entire ride!

We then used our FPP for KS and saw a decent amount of animals, but we were put in the back so we were almost thrown out onto the safari :joy:

Then we made our way to Dinosaur and saw Kevin on the way! We used our FPP here and had virtually no wait. I love this ride even though a lot of people would disagree!!

Then we stopped for a snack and tried to decide what we wanted to do next. It was getting hot out and I wasn’t feeling so great (ended up being a cold that lasted almost two weeks after I got home :upside_down_face:). We decided to do FOTLK and then bail. We got in line and waited, and then were told the show was full and we were in line for the next show in an hour. That was not happening, so we left and went to WL to eat lunch at Roaring Fork for a change.

Back at the hotel, we lounged at the pool for a while before our 8:45pm ADR at CG.

We took the bus to MK then walked to the Contemporary. It was a MNSSHP night and we were a little surprised at how many people were on the bus headed to the party after 7:30pm.

This was our first time to CG and it was interesting to say the least. The person who sat us walked us through pointing out how you could see the castle while dining and then took us to a back room? Like what was the point of saying that? Then our waiter was just… odd. We were just ordering apps and dessert and he was weird about it. At one point he said “you can just have the free bread and water for all I care!” It was said jokingly but still super awkward.

Thankfully the food was good. I had the sangria to drink which was nothing special, but good. Then we shared the pepperoni flatbread which was really good and each got a salad (I had the hearts of romaine). We were pretty full after that, but shared the chocolate cake for dessert. My mom got a cappuccino and then the waiter asked my cousin if she wanted a coffee “to relax”?!?! Who says that? It was, again, super awkward but we were cracking up when he walked away.

We finished eating right before the fireworks and went outside to watch them (since we obviously couldn’t see them from our table!). That was enjoyable and it was fun that we got to see the MNSSHP fireworks since we didn’t go to the party this year.

We took a Lyft back to CSR and tried to beat all the party people who left after the fireworks! Then we got to pack up for our 8:30am DME pickup the next morning.

Final thoughts: Despite the heat (which we do not enjoy), we had a great time! We got to do all the rides we wanted and most of them with FPP. In the future, though, I don’t know if we could do early October again because we just have so much more energy in cooler temps.

This was our second stay at CSR, but I don’t really remember the first because I was 3. Overall, we liked the resort and would stay here again. The refurbished rooms were nice and clean and had plenty of space for us. The biggest annoyance, though, is how long it takes for the buses to make it all the way around to all stops before leaving. It added an extra 15-20 mins.

We had EEMH and didn’t end up using any of them :scream:. RD is just not our thing. We did, however, quite enjoy our GG PPO breakfast and would definitely do more of those in the future! We work better at getting up when there’s a proper breakfast involved :grin:

I don’t know when we’ll make it back to WDW, but I am currently pushing for DLR next December! Thanks for reading!!


Thanks for finishing! Sounds like a fun trip.

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