October 2018-Crowd and Gartner IT Conference

So…we just returned from a lovely trip April 28-May 1, 2018. We planned on returning the end of October 2018, however there were NO bounce backs for October/November. We returned home and found we were unable to book the hotels we wanted due to the Gartner IT conference, which ENDS before our expected vacation. Apparently, they offer discounted vacation vouchers to the families of the Gartner, to use within a week of the conference ending. The conference is supposed to end October 18, and we were not going to arrive until October 23. With a huge conference taking up ALL Deluxe resorts, and incentives for vacations after the conference, are the crowd predictions correct? It seems as they would be higher. There is also talk on boards that it usually is busier. On the other hand we had friends go the end of October last year and loved it.
I just don’t know what to expect…Has the Gartner IT family incentive been considered in the crowd predictions?
We are now looking into the end of September, but we missed a bounce back because we were rather certain on taking a October vacation.
I just feel like we missed out…
All advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I dont have much to offer. Although last week of April into first week of May is our go to vacation week. It seems you enjoyed those dates as well. Just always seems to be great weather and low crowds.
This year im taking extended family and over Thanksgiving they voted October as the month that worked best for everyone. So i came up with 10/17-10/24 as the best dates. Avoids most schools fall breaks, Columbus day weekend, and still far enough away from the busier MNSSHP crowds. Plus theres no free dining in Oct. I had no idea of the conference. However, because there are 9 of us, we are staying offsite. So i never looked into onsite accomodations. Instead we rented a lovely 8 bedroom home in a nearby community (Champions Gate) with more amenities than i can shake a stick at. And @ a fraction of the cost. (about $250 a night)
I have noticed recently that park hours have been reduced during our times and CL’s have raised slightly over the past week or so.
I assume when park hours are reduced it is done based on expected CL’s. Thus reducing the operating hours will result in less manpower demand and at the same time inflate the CL’s. Damned if you do and damned if you dont.
If offsite is not an option for you have you looked into MVT? Is it possible they have some of the inventory available? Theres also another site with inventory, im not sure of the exact name but it includes " Pirate Hooks" in their name.
If Disney is in fact holding inventory back for the week after the conference for the conference goers is it possible the conference goers have up til a certain date to book. If so its possible Disney will release their inventory once that date passes. Have you tried to go to the conference website to see what that date may be? Obviously doesnt help with the BB offer but if youre set on those dates and you dont mind waiting that may be an option.
Either way good luck. Im hoping the conference wont affect my trip too much as the dates line up exactly when the confernce ends and the attendees have ability to book their discounted stay.

I’m sorry but I can’t help with the conference. However I do know that crowds in late September are beautifully low! It’s a good second option if you can make it work!